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Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. Matthew 11:11

For the last three and a half years we have done a survey of women who did notable things for Christ. We have talked about women in the Bible, early church disciples of Christ, and women in history who have served God with their callings in many different ministries.

It might be easy to get the idea that only martyrs or especially gifted women were important in the Kingdom of God. But let’s think about this. A missionary speaker told me once that actually it is more difficult to live the Christian life on a day-to-day basis. We really admire Felicitas and Anne Askew and Ruth Hege for their courage in the face of death. Truly they are an encouragement to our faith.

But this missionary said that it takes as much if not more courage to get up every morning and meet God in prayer and study and then serve Him throughout the day in whatever calling He has given us.

Another well-known servant of God, Mother Theresa, said that there really aren’t any big things done for God, just small things done over and over with great love. baby:least of theseJesus left ninety-nine sheep behind while He rescued one lamb. If we only minister to one person it is enough. If our donation to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center or our participation in one Pro-life march saves even one baby’s life there will be much rejoicing in Heaven.

Yes, we are all busy in different ways but each and every one of us can find even some small way to make a difference in our culture. There are many areas we can work in as I suggested in my last post (Christmas post, 2013). One area where Christians are having an effect is in the area of Pro-life activism.

Thanks to the work of many hundreds of people, the total number of surgical abortion clinics in the United States decreased 12% during 2013 from 669 to 582. That’s 87 places that will no longer be killing unborn babies!!! What a victory. While we owe a debt of thanks to major heroes like Abby Johnson and Lila Rose, a good part of the victory is due to us little people. Without our support the ladies in the forefront of the battle would be left alone with no troops to support them.

OperationRescueprotestorWe are the troops. Lets us continue in 2014 to press ahead. According to Operation Rescue’s president Troy Newman, “These numbers show that the pro-life movement is gaining ground and that the abortion industry is collapsing – mostly due to its own negligence and greed, which has been exposed by their unwillingness and inability to comply with even the most rudimentary safety standards.”

We must not give up on closing even more Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. Their abortion clinics account for 29.55% of all active surgical abortion clinics. Many people do not realized that PP makes millions of dollars off of abortions.

Now, the only provision of the new Obamacare act that seems to have begun to work is the money that Obama has given Planned Parenthood to promote their agenda. It is time to end it. Besides making everyone you know aware of the issues this year, resist being a part of the insurance fraud called Obamacare. I have opted out. No money of mine, even indirectly, is going to go to an organization that kills babies.

This New Year make every effort to do even small things for Christ. If every single caring Christian would just pledge $5 (the cost of one latte at the coffee hut) each month, we could go a long way to stopping the holocaust of the unborn in 2014. What a Happy New Year that would be!!!!

Most of us will never be considered “heroes” of the faith. But we are all part of the body, given our own gifts to serve others. We work in the Kingdom however God has called. We serve because we love the Lord and are grateful that though we don’t deserve it, He died on the cross for us and made it possible for us to have peace with God.

Isn’t that what it is all about? No matter what life the Lord has given us, we all want the same thing. At the end of it all we only want to hear our Savior say:

“Well done, good and faithful servant…”

May God bless us in the New Year with renewed compassion and love for Him and service for others.

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