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For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10)

As you spend time with family and friends this Christmas count the many blessings that you have been given. The most important blessing is Jesus. He came to earth to save us and reconcile us to God. Now we can have fellowship with God here on earth and forever with Him in Heaven. That is the most marvelous blessing of all!


Life is a precious gift. Most of us are thinking through the past and making New Year’s Resolutions for improving ourselves in the future. This is a fine thing to do. It is always a good thing to review our lives and seek to be a better person in the future.

But how many resolutions are centered in our own lives? A poll reveals that the most common resolutions are:

  1. Lose weight or get fit
  2. Quit smoking or drink less alcohol
  3. Get a better education or a better job
  4. Save money, manage debt better
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Go on a vacation

What do you notice about these resolutions? Where is a resolution to give up time or money or both to help others? Where does “helping others” fit into our plans? What about those who cannot help themselves? We must seek justice for the helpless as we follow in the steps of Jesus. Our focus should not just be on ourselves.

We have been so blessed in our country. Thankfully, we have access to good health care, doctors, gyms, and financial planners. All of the popular New Year’s resolutions are within our reach. We are blessed beyond belief. It is a good thing to want to improve our lives. But is our culture too selfish?

Each year over one million babies will not get the chance to live, let alone ever have a chance to make New Year’s resolutions. The problem seems so big and overwhelming but many people have worked hard in the last year to end the slaughter of babies. Here are a few victories to celebrate especially thanks to tireless Pro-life supporters:

  1. Live Action produced a video entitled “What is Human?” and put it on Facebook. The video went viral with millions of views. This video showed that beyond a doubt the little being in the womb is a human being. The abortion industry refuses to acknowledge the dignity and humanity of unborn children. If you or anyone you know is undecided on this issue watch the video. You will know the truth.Beauty of Life
  2. Young people are joining the ranks of the Pro-life movement in droves! This is great news and cause for much rejoicing! This is good news for the unborn in the future.young people for life
  3. Thanks to technology, Pro-lifers can share the beauty of life with their friends on the Internet. Organizations like Live Action, LifeSiteNews.com, and many others send out newsletters via email that are resent by hundreds of thousands of supporters daily.
  4. Planned Parenthood is continually being exposed as a fraudulent organization. PP pretends to be about women’s health, but is actually making millions of dollars off of abortions every year. And NO! Planned Parenthood does not have an ultrasound or mammogram machine in any clinic. PP is strictly about women’s so-called “rights” — this means the right to kill an unwanted baby. UNBORN women don’t count. Unborn women don’t have rights. What hypocrites the pro abortion supporters are!
  5. While we may get angry at the organization Planned Parenthood, we should pray for the individual workers there. Former workers at Planned Parenthood facilities are leaving the abortion giant continually. Once these women see an actual abortion they can no longer stay in the abortion industry.

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson says, “Friends, these workers are leaving the abortion industry because they are finally able to see that there is real help for them. They don’t leave because people have told them that they are “baby killers.” They certainly don’t leave because someone tells them they will “burn in hell” for working in the industry. They leave because we are now able to give them help and healing. They leave because they want something better for themselves. They leave because we are finally helping them see that we do genuinely care about them.”

(Note: the above mentioned video is one of many other things that is convincing these women about what an abortion really is – the death of a helpless human.)

Abby continues, “We always need to remember that these workers are not our enemy. Abortionists are not the enemy. Our enemy is sin. No matter how rude they are to us, no matter how much they ignore us, no matter how many times they tell us to “get a job” or something similar…they WILL eventually leave. But that will only happen if we BE Christ to them. We don’t have to preach to them. …

Pray. Be kind. Love them. And if you don’t think you can love them, then stay away from them. The only thing that will keep an abortion worker in the industry longer is a pro-lifer who condemns them.

What if you were the reason an abortion worker took a left instead of a right? You can be. I thank God every day of my life for the people who made me “change my route.”

I agree with Abby. Let’s make one of our New Year’s resolutions to try to win others with the love of Jesus.

2015 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION –save-babies

It is no longer politically incorrect to say that you are Pro-life. This year make it one of your resolutions to speak openly about the plight of the helpless unborn babies. The tide is turning. Pray for those who disagree with you. Give money and support to Pro-life organizations. Just pick one activity and get involved. Make 2015 the year that abortion is ended for good!



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