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Still More Books About Courageous Women

Did you have a wonderful summer filled with great books? If you missed any of the following books, consider cuddling up to a nice fire with a cup of tea and one of these for thought provoking and exciting reading.

—  Berlinski, Claire, There is no Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters, (Basic Books, New York, 2011).

Margaret ThatcherEveryone who is interested in why our country is going down the drain-hole should read the biography of Margaret Thatcher. Our country does not have to decline as it is. If we had a leader with the moral courage of Margaret Thatcher our country would not be in the economic mess it is in, nor would we be risking the judgment of God which is surely to come because of the evil of our current leader.

If ever there was a time to learn from history this is it. Socialism does not work; Margaret Thatcher proved that we can turn the clock back. We can reform our country. She did it. Britain was the laughing stock of the world in the 1970’s. Margaret Thatcher turned all of that around.

This is an excellent biography of one of the greatest leaders who ever lived, male or female. Claire Berlinski tells the story of Margaret’s life from birth to old age in an engaging and thoughtful way.

—  Gibson, Karen Bush, Women Aviators: 26 Stories of Pioneer Flights, Daring Missions, and Record-Setting Journeys, (Chicago Review Press, Chicago, 2013).

Did you know that the second person ever to break the sound barrier after the famous Chuck Yeager was a woman? In 1953, Jackie Cochran broke the speed of sound in an F-86 Jacqueline_Cochran_in_P-40Sabre jet. This book was written for young people, but I found it very exciting. I’ll bet few people know that the first women pilots earned their licenses as long ago as 1910. Stories include the early daredevils, women during the “golden age” of flight such as Amelia Earhart, women who flew in wartime, stunt flyers, and bush pilots. This is a great book to share with your kids.

—  Jeffrey, Julie Roy, Converting the West: A Biography of Narcissa Whitman,  (University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, 1991).

“In 1851, Judge William Colvig set up camp in the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley, where plateau Indian tribes had come for hundreds of years to gather and prepare food for the winter months. When two Cayuse Indians wandered into his camp, he offered to share his own meal with them. To Colvig’s amazement, the Indians removed their hats and recited grace ‘in excellent English’ before they ate. They told Colvig that ‘they were members of Doctor Whitman’s church at Waiilatpu and though Dr. Whitman had been dead four years, they still gave thanks at their meals and tried to practice what Dr. and Mrs. Whitman had taught them.” (From the Preface)

Narcissa WhitmanIn this wonderful biography of Narcissa Whitman we learn the story of the first woman to travel West. She and her missionary husband were martyred in the Oregon Territory due to a misunderstanding. (You’ll have to read the book to get the rest of the story.)

Because of Narcissa’s courage, many women were brave enough to join the wagon trains in the next decades and settle the western part of the United States. Truly this is a book that will inspire women.

—  Lindley, Susan Hill, You Have Stept out of Your Place: A History of Women and Religion in America, (Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, 1996).

Here is another great book about pioneer minded women. Susan Hill Lindley covers the history of women in religion from Anne Hutchinson (arrived in America 1634) to the end of annehutchinson_historychannel-580x454the twentieth century. She follows the traditional track of history through Puritanism, the First and Second Great Awakenings, and Reform movements. She covers Catholics, Protestants, and Jewish women. She not only gives us biographies of the women in each period, but she also describes what life was like during those time periods. She does not “play favorites” but covers conservatives, liberals, and even some women from unusual groups such as the Shakers. Each of the women had a role to play in shaping the religions that we have inherited today. If you have had the experience of reading a church history book that only included men, you will welcome this well-researched and interesting book about the “rest of history”.

—  Symons, Sarah, This Is No Ordinary Joy: How the Courage of Survivors Transformed My Life, (Wallsend Press, 2013).

Sarah Symons bookReading this book has changed my thinking and my life. Sarah Symons discovered that the lives of millions of girls were being destroyed by slavery in the human trafficking market that exists worldwide. She chose to do something about it. Putting all that she had on the line (she and her husband had to sell their house) she traveled to some of the most horrible places on earth. She found a way to help the victims of human trafficking. She started a program called “Made by Survivors”. Women who are rescued from slavery live in safe houses and are taught a trade. The goal is to make as many women as possible self-sufficient.

You will be inspired as you read Sarah’s story and the stories of some of the survivors. Last year I purchased most of my Christmas presents for my family from Made By Survivors. You can go to madebysurvivors.com and do the same.

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Now therefore, O kings, show discernment; take warning, O judges of the earth. Worship the Lord with reverence and rejoice with trembling. Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way, for His wrath may soon be kindled. (Psalm 2:10-12)

 “And they bend their tongue like their bow; Lies and not truth prevail in the land; For they proceed from evil to evil, and they do not know Me,” declares the LORD. And everyone deceives his neighbor, and does not speak the truth, They have taught their tongue to speak lies; they weary themselves committing iniquity. (Jeremiah 9:3,5).

Most Americans are God-fearing, neighbor-loving people. Every day we hear stories of real American heroes. It makes us feel so good to hear about the neighbor who runs into a burning house to make sure all of the family and children are out. It tugs at our hearts when we hear that the Good Samaritan even rescues the cat or dog that was trembling under the bed. Most Americans are truthful and honest and reliable.

obama abortionSo how did we get an evil man like Barack Obama for president? As “king” of America, Obama needs to return to God and stop defying the Creator of life. America needs to wake up and realize she made a mistake electing a liar and a supporter of infanticide for a president.

You shall not murder (Exodus 20:13). In the aftermath of the Gosnell horror a backlash is occurring against grisly late-term abortions. Finally people are waking up to the reality of what the abortion industry is all about. Let’s stop calling it “ending pregnancies” and start calling it what it is – “murdering babies”. I am sorry that it took something so horrible as Gosnell’s exposure to wake people up, but let’s get busy and do something about it now. We start by calling abortion what it is – murder. Let’s put aside the lie and start telling the truth.

Barack Obama is at the very least an accessory to the crime of murder. When he was an Illinois State Senator, Obama voted against that state’s version of a partial-birth abortion ban. He said in effect that it’s ok to kill babies. Here is a picture of what our president is in favor of.


In the first place there’s no question that killing was what was going on and in the second place there’s no question that babies were the victims. Obama can change the terms to “choice” or “women’s right to choose” or “health care” or “fetus” or any other innocuous thing he wants, but the fact remains that we’re talking about killing babies. To call murdering babies anything else is to exchange the truth for a lie.

Why am I stressing this so much? Because so many Americans are avoiding the issue. People would rather not talk about it, or assume that it is rare or that there are always good reasons for a woman to “end her pregnancy” or that the “fetus” does not feel any pain. These are all excuses and our country has placed itself in the way of God’s judgment for allowing the murder of innocent babies. (See last week’s post.)

Mr. Obama has made it very clear that he believes that women should be allowed to kill their babies for any reason whenever they want to. He vowed to veto Trent Frank’s bill to restrict late-term abortion. A poll shows that American people support this bill by a wide margin – 64 percent to 30 percent.

I can’t believe that the 30 percent saw pictures of the grisly remains of babies that were aborted in the latter stages of pregnancy, or the percentage would be way smaller. I don’t believe that if people knew that besides the disgusting, dirty conditions of Gosnell’s clinic, Gosnell’s job was to make sure those babies were dead, in utero or ex utero (before or after their births). And no, Gosnell is not rare. There are many other baby killers around the country performing late-term abortions.

This does not matter to Obama who refused to comment about Gosnell while the trial was going on. Why not? Is it because Gosnell was just following out to its logical conclusion the reasoning behind the Roe v. Wade decision forty years ago that the woman gets to “choose”?

Obama said that the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” (H.R. 1797) “ is an assault on a woman’s right to choose” and said it shows “contempt for…the Constitution. “The administration strongly opposes H.R. 1797, which would unacceptably restrict women’s health and reproductive rights and is an assault on a woman’s right to choose,” he said. “This bill is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade and shows contempt for women’s health and rights, the role doctors play in their patients’ health care decisions, and the Constitution.”

Now let’s reword that putting back in the truth for the lie.
“The administration strongly opposes H.R. 1797, which would unacceptably restrict women’sBarack_Obama_proud-216x234 murdering of their unborn babies and is an assault on a woman’s right to kill her unborn baby.” “This bill is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade and shows contempt for the murder of unborn babies and the right of women to choose to do so and the role of the doctors to be complicit in the decision to kill the unborn babies, and the Constitution (which does not guarantee rights for unborn humans, only mothers).”

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of death services. They have Obama’s protection, and of course his thanks for the $15 million dollars they donated to his reelection campaign in 2012.

President Obama addressed a Planned Parenthood annual gala on April 26th where he affirmed his continued support of the largest baby killing machine in our country. He concluded his speech with the declaration that if he, his attorney general, and a core of federal judges get their way, “Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere…”

He ridiculed the over 40 states where lawmakers have introduced or passed laws to protect the unborn and he quipped to the supportive chuckles of the audience: “When you read about these laws you want to check the calendar. You want to make sure you’re still living in 2013. Forty years after the Supreme Court affirmed a woman’s constitutional right to privacy, including the right to choose, we shouldn’t have to remind people that when it comes to a woman’s health, no politician should get to decide what’s best for you.”

Obama mentioned the “right to choose” four times in his speech, but he never said what women were to choose. Of course he meant abortion, though even abortion advocates are shying away from that word. They want to pretend they are talking about “health”.

This is exchanging the truth for a lie.

Obama also criticized some of the restrictions placed on abortions by some of the states recently. Perhaps he thought he was being clever when he said, “after decades of progress, there’s still those who want to turn back the clock to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.”

Well I guess women who want to kill their babies would not like to go back to the 1950’s when they would be arrested and put on trial and condemned and punished for murdering their unborn babies.

Most of us remember the 1950’s as a time of happy families with a low divorce rate, low crime including pornography and drugs, and low abuse of spouses or children. It is not a coincidence that with the rise of on-demand baby killing has come a rise in child abuse and abandonment. The 21st century policies are not working Mr. Obama.

Obama’s push for abortion/infanticide exposes his real agenda – DESTROY AMERICA’S JUDEO/CHRISTIAN VALUES AND MORAL CORE. He seems to think he can override what the individual states want with federal laws. What about the 9th and 10th amendments, Mr. Obama? Who’s disrespecting the constitution now?

Obama is winning as long as Christians don’t stand up for the truth. Christians must take steps to oppose the killing of unborn babies. Pray that God will convert our president, but in the meantime do all in your power to oppose Obama’s lies and evil plans. 

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(If) My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Our country has been on a slippery slope to destruction for many years. Christians have gone to sleep and allowed wicked people to shake their fists in God’s face with their evil deeds. I am sure that my grandmother would never have thought that killing an unwanted baby would become legal and frequent.

newborn_baby_sleeping-240x170We should have never let the door be opened to the eventual slaughter of millions of innocents. The judges who decided to allow this in 1973 with the passage of Roe vs. Wade should have been impeached.

Christians should have seen that the evil would only get worse and worse. Those who hate God will not rest until they are in complete control. Unless Christians get busy, Satan will just keep on spreading his evil wherever he can.

Praise God that some people are waking up. Many prayers are being answered. In some states the tide of abortion on demand is being rolled backward. I pray that we will see the day very soon that it is ended completely.

I am really hopeful that a corner is being turned. Some states are now moving to enact laws to protect the unborn. It is felt that many people may be sensing a shift in the wind after the Gosnell trial. What Gosnell and many other abortionists were and are still doing is just too grisly and horrible for most people. Finally, people have had enough of Nancy Pelosi, Cecile Richards (head of Planned Parenthood), and Senator Wendy Davis who have shown their true colors. With their support of late term abortion these women have done the Pro Life cause a favor. They are just too heartless for most people. These women say that they demand nothing short of aborting a baby at any time, even outside of the womb. This war for the rights of the unborn has gone over the edge.

Here is a short summary of some of the many states that are trying to pass legislation to protect unborn humans. If you live in one of these states, write your legislators or governors and thank them for their brave stance in the face of the Nancy Pelosi’s of this world. Many Pro Life people feel that some of this new legislation does not go far enough. Some have even withdrawn their support. I understand how they feel, but we didn’t get here overnight and I believe we should support any effort that pushes back at the entrenched abortion industry.

1. By now everyone is probably aware of the passage of the Pro Life bill in Texas. Governor Texas for lifePerry had to call a second session to get the job done because of the evil machinations of the pro-abortion advocates who used any means, even illegal ones, to try and stop the legislature from passing the bill. Thank God the brave legislators had the courage to pass HB2 that restricts abortions to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, we are all praying for an end to all abortions, but any step that is taken to roll back the holocaust is a welcome one.

2. In August, Illinois’ Parental Notice of Abortion Act will go into effect. Way back in 1995 a illinois pro life billlaw was passed in Illinois specifying that a parent or guardian must be notified at least 48 hours in advance of a child under the age of 18 getting an abortion. Illinois has not enforced the law up until now because of legal challenges by the ACLU who claimed that the law was not constitutional. It took 18 years but the Illinois Supreme Court has unanimously declared the law to be constitutional. Now, Illinois will no longer be the Midwest’s “dumping grounds” for out-of-state minors’ abortions. Illinois was the only state without a parental consent notice. Now parents will be allowed to counsel their minor children who are considering abortion.

3. Another State that has just passed a law with restrictions on abortion in North Carolina. Again, we might wish that the new regulations could have been even more restrictive, butNC pro life bill North Carolina has taken a step in the right direction. Governor Pat McCrory signed into law regulations that will affect abortion clinics. It bans sex-selective abortions and “web cam” abortions. It allows city and county employees to opt out of most abortion coverage. Governor McCrory signed this bill even though he had campaigned on a promise made to abortion advocates not to do anything that would restrict abortion. We don’t know why he changed his mind, though this bill is a watered down version of what the Pro Life groups wanted. Perhaps the governor like many others is waking up to how horrible abortion really is. Praise God, this has already resulted in the closing of “Femcare”, and abortion clinic in North Caroline that was cited for 23 serious health and safety violations during a routine inspection in July.

louisiana pro life4. After Planned Parenthood had to refund Texas Medicaid $1.4 million in fraud money for overbilling, billing for services it never rendered, and falsifying medical records to use state funds to pay for abortion-related care, two state Pro Life organizations have called for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to end all state funding to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. PPGC operates two facilities in Louisiana. Investigators are now probing PPGC’s billing history.

I believe that the actions of the pro-abortion crowd in Texas prove that the abortion advocates are really afraid that legislation is going to continue to be passed to restrict their “right” to end the lives of their unborn children. The truth is bared for all to see. To them, a baby is only a baby if he/she is wanted. Otherwise it is only a fetus or a pregnancy problem or an expendable subhuman. Who will win in the war of definitions? I believe that truth will win out – It’s a baby, not a “choice”!!

I believe that some men and women in politics are perhaps sensing a change in the wind. Is that why Governor McCrory of North Caroline signed a bill with restrictions on abortion in spite of his campaign promise to the pro-abortion advocates?

Many people are waking up to the fact that their tax dollars are going to an organization that kills babies. Planned Parenthood is not only guilty of promoting infanticide, but also of deception, fraud, theft, and killing women. Another whole story could be written about this organization that purports to “keep abortion safe and legal” but has actually been responsible for the deaths of many women who bled to death after an unsafe abortion in one of their clinics.

As the truth comes out, the tide must turn against those who believe that they have the power to keep abortion legal for any reason at any time.

Let us pray, pray, and pray some more to our loving Father to help us in our fight for the unborn. The tide is turning; let us fight on.

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For if you truly amend your ways and your deeds, if you truly practice justice between a man and his neighbor, if you do not oppress the alien, the orphan, or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place, nor walk after other gods to your own ruin, then I will let you dwell in this place, in the land that I gave to your fathers forever and ever. (Jeremiah 7:5-7)

For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels. (Mark 8:38)

safest place for babyThe battle for truth and life has turned white hot over the last few weeks. The abortionists are proving that the only concern they really have is over a woman’s supposed right to choose to kill her baby for whatever reason she chooses. Everyone knows by now that the issue is not women’s health. It is a struggle over who gets to play God and decide which baby lives and which baby dies.

Now is not the time for Christians to remain silent. We must oppose those who would shed innocent blood. We must not let them push us out of the public square with their hateful talk or their phony accusations against us accusing us of intolerance. They are the ones who are intolerant. Just look at their actions in Texas:

1. While the Pro Life supporters were peacefully singing “Amazing Grace” the abortion activists were shouting “Hail Satan!” and “Mary should have aborted Jesus!” Also heard at the Capitol rotunda – “F*** the church!”

2. Planned Parenthood head, Cecile Richards, encouraged her extremist followers to break the law. According to Dr. Joe Pojman, head of Texas Alliance for Life, Texas law is very clear about what sorts of behavior are allowed in the gallery while the senate is in session. “We cannot yell, we cannot carry signs, we cannot speak loudly, we cannot even clap. That is the decorum that must be observed. And doing anything other is a violation of state law.” In addition, he said, for Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards to encourage making noise to drown out the vote, “was advocating 400 plus people to break state law. And that’s just plain wrong.”

Citizens may sit in on senate deliberations, but they must remain silent. I was not surprised that Richards tweeted to her supporters “Make some noise — louder!” Why should we expect anyone who thinks it’s ok to murder babies to obey any law?

3. The abortion activists were so afraid of the passage of the bill in Texas restricting abortion that they pulled out all the stops to disrupt the legislative process. A report from (LiveActionNews.org) described how Planned Parenthood and NARAL encourage their supporters to be discourteous and uncivil besides breaking the law.

These people cannot stand not having their way and so have to interrupt those who disagree with them. In doing so, though, they disrupt the democratic process. They did so by bringing in jars of HailSatanMantraurine and feces as well as bricks, condoms, pads, and tampons to throw at legislators. Some were also planning to show off their “lady parts.” Fortunately, police officers were able to stop these plans. They also stopped a person outside with a semi-automatic weapon, according to posts from Abby Johnson and others who were at the Capitol. A few others were arrested but caused a further scene in padlocking themselves to the railing, covered in red paint to represent blood, according to Abby Johnson.

For those who were there or have even just read of the actions of pro-abortion advocates, such behavior could very well be described as disturbing, or even demonic and evil. Abby Johnson posted a video with the caption “this is what evil sounds like.” Bryan Kemper of Stand True Outreach posted a similar video, which is longer and even more chilling. Brad Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues Institute, has an article up on LifeSiteNews.com, where he described what he saw as “an epic battle between good and evil.”

4. Many of the abortion agitators were hired guns. According to a report from “LifeIssues”, July 12, 2013, these “political hooligans” were members of MoveOn, Occupy, and the Socialist Party among others. They were hired to cause as much destruction, disruption, and damage as they could in order to get their point across. An ad was placed on Craigslist days before the second special session looking for people to show up and protest the bill. The ad offered up to $2,200 a month! Those who phoned the number provided were told they’d be working directly with Planned Parenthood, the group that gets over a half-billion of our federal tax dollars a year to push their deadly agenda. Many of those who showed up were grungy, smelly and repulsive. Several of their signs had worse content than that scrawled on a public bathroom wall. The Gosnell case and the fight to end late term abortion has brought out the absolutely ugliest side of abortion advocates.

What is the Christian response to this? At the very least we must continue the fight to rescue the helpless unborn. We cannot let the babies down. They need us to defend them. The forces of evil are showing that they will go all out to protect their “right” to kill any baby they feel like.

We serve a loving, but righteous God Who is angered when innocent blood is shed. Much more is at stake here than just the babies. Our whole country will be judged if we do not turn back to God. The genocide against the unborn is just a symptom of our godless culture.

Abby Johnson is right. We are really truly at war. It is a spiritual war being waged on terra firma. If we sit back and do nothing we are letting Satan win. God will not be pleased.

Maybe some think that Old Testament words are too harsh. But Jesus Himself warned us that we must be firm in our resolve to stand for Him. That means we must stand for what Jesus would stand for – love, truth, and justice. I for one do not want my Lord to be ashamed of me. (Read Mark 8:38 again.)

Pray for a change in our culture. Pray and then do something. Help out at your local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Send money to any Pro Life organization that you can.

prowoman prolifeBut above all – don’t remain silent! No, don’t be pushy and obnoxious like the abortion advocates. Pray with others and encourage others. Show up at Pro Life rallies. Write to your local paper. Many people probably do not know much about what Planned Parenthood is really like. Expose PP factually and calmly. I believe the tide is turning. The fear of the baby killers leading to their uncivil actions is proof of that. Let’s take advantage of their public demonstrations of hate to expose them to the rest of the country and get the laws changed to protect the unborn.

Let us act so that our Savior will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21) when He comes again.20-weeks-human-fetus-199x300

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