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And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or farms for My name’s sake, shall receive many times as much, and shall inherit eternal life. (Matthew 19:29)

Truly Narcissa Prentiss Whitman was a woman who sacrificed much for Christ. Since Narcissa Whitmangirlhood Narcissa dreamed of going on the mission field and spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who were lost in darkness. She was willing to sacrifice the comforts of a middle class life in New York in order to show others the way to peace and happiness. She would ultimately pay with her own life.

Narcissa Prentiss (1808 – 1847) was born in Prattsburg, Steuben County, New York. She was the third child of nine born to Stephen and Clarissa Prentiss. She was the eldest daughter and helped her mother raise her younger siblings.

At a revival in 1819, Narcissa, at the age of 11, had a conversion experience and was received as a member of the Prattsburg Congregational Church. After her conversion, Narcissa dreamed of becoming a missionary. At age fifteen she pledged herself to missionary work.

How she was to become a missionary was not clear to her. She decided to do voluntary work at her church in the meantime in order to get prepared. She trusted God to find a way to send her on the missionary field when she was ready.

In the 1820’s there were many women’s benevolent societies. These voluntary associations were seen as a way for women to be involved in evangelism and charitable works. The one that Narcissa became involved with was the Female Mite Society. She visited families that were less fortunate than she was and helped to provide them with their spiritual and material needs.

Besides doing benevolent work, Narcissa was getting prepared to teach on the mission field by attending Prattsburg’s Franklin Academy. After this she attended a female seminary or ‘normal’ school in Troy, New York.

Narcissa received a proposal from an ardent missionary-bound student at Franklin Academy – Henry Spalding. In the early nineteenth century, missionary boards preferred to send out married couples and Henry sensed Narcissa’s desire to be a missionary was as strong as his. He asked Narcissa to marry him and accompany him on the field, but she turned him down. Henry Spalding later married Eliza Hart and the two of them eventually accompanied Narcissa and her husband Marcus Whitman to the Oregon Country.

In the 1830’s Narcissa’s family moved to Amity, New York. Here she heard the famed Reverend Samuel Parker speak of the need for missionaries. She was very willing to go and asked Rev. Parker if the mission would take single women. In 1834, he helped her to apply to the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions (ABCFM). At that time, ABCFM was reluctant to send out single women, especially to the Western frontier. It was too dangerous. It was felt that the pagan culture would not be protective of unaccompanied females.

On the other hand though, the Board saw a real need for married women on the field. Wives would be a good example to the natives of Christian family life. They could also teach the natives to read and write. They would provide much help and stability to their husbands’ ministries. So, men and women sought marriage before going into missionary work.

About two months later, Marcus Whitman came into Narcissa’s life. He was a doctor who felt called to serve as a medical missionary and he proposed to Narcissa. Marcus encouraged Narcissa to apply formally as a missionary for herself. She did and received her appointment in March 1835. Eleven months later the couple was married.

Then began their journey west. Narcissa would never see her family again. Along the way to the Oregon Country Narcissa got pregnant. Her only natural child, Alice Clarissa Whitman was born March 14, 1837. wa_whitmanMarcus and Narcissa settled in Waiilaptu in the Oregon Country. Her life there was very lonely, but busy.

Sadly, only a little over two years later Alice’s life would be tragically cut short. She drowned accidently in the Walla Walla River on June 23, 1839. Narcissa was devasted and became depressed.

While mourning for her daughter, Narcissa spent many hours in her room writing letters to family back home. She encouraged several of her siblings to come West. She missed her family dearly, but never wavered from her resolve to work among the Indians.

narcissaNarcissa would write many letters to her family over the eleven years of her service. From these prolific writings we know a lot about the missionary work in the Oregon Country. Narcissa not only revealed the dry details of daily life, but she poured out her heart to her family telling of her dreams and her feelings.

Narcissa came out of her depression when God blessed her with a large adopted family. The Sager family was traveling to the West and the parents died along the way leaving seven children orphaned. Narcissa and Marcus gladly took them in. The Whitman’s had also adopted several half-Indian orphans and now had a full and cheery home.

The Sager children enjoyed the blessing of these parents for about three years and then were tragically orphaned again. Marcus and Narcissa were attacked in their home and killed by the Cayuse Indians. What was the cause? Several Indians had traveled to California where they contracted measles. When they came back to Oregon Country the measles spread among a population that was not immune. Unfortunately while at least thirty Indians succumbed to the measles, only one white boy died. The Indians blamed Doctor Marcus saying he spread evil medicine.

On November 29, 1847, two Cayuse attacked Marcus with tomahawks in his kitchen. He stumbled to their sitting room where Narcissa tried to stop the bleeding but there was nothing she could do. She heard more commotion outside and went to the door. She was shot and later died of her wounds. Her last thoughts were of the children and her mother back home. While the Whitman’s lay dying the Indians destroyed their home, killed several other settlers, and herded more than forty residents of the mission into a house where they were held captive for nearly a month. Many were sick; several children would die of the measles. The dead were unburied; some women were raped.

Not all of the Cayuse were in favor of the massacre. The murderers were brought to justice. They received a fair trial and the leaders were put to death.

The Sager children would remember Narcissa as a loving but firm mother. They remembered her love of nature, her sense of humor, and her beautiful singing voice.

Narcissa is also remembered as one of the first of two white women to cross the covered wagon traincontinent overland. She had the first child born to American parents in the Oregon Country. Her journey proved that it was possible for women to go West. The great wagon trains would start in the next decade. Several generations of women would be inspired by her courage as they read her published letters.

We don’t know if Narcissa ever dreamed that she would be a martyr as she dreamed about missionary work as a child. She often said that she knew it would be a sacrifice. She lost her house and left brothers and sisters and father and mother, and lost her only child for Jesus’ name’s sake. And God did bless her with many times as much when He gave her the Sager orphans and a number of Indian orphans. Eventually she paid the ultimate price when she lost her own life.

Narcissa’s memory is preserved at Walla Walla, near the place of her last home. She is also remembered at her childhood home in Prattsburg, New York.

Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His godly ones. Psalm 116:15

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Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. (Romans 13:1)

But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

Christians have always been in a quandary when it comes to church/state relations. We have been given a clear command by the apostle Paul to obey those in authority over us. On the other hand, Peter and John disobeyed the high priest in Jerusalem when they were told by the Council of priests to stop preaching about Jesus. After being released from a previous arrest the first thing the disciples did was to go out and preach about Jesus anyway.

It seems that those who are in authority must be obeyed up until the point that they command someone to go against the clear Word of God. The government is an authority, but God is the highest authority.

The question is whether to submit or to defy the government when they clearly make laws that go against God’s Word. At different moments in history people have chosen different paths. Here in the United States, we still have peaceful paths if only we will wake up and pursue them.

In the posting previous to this one, I told the story of the Cristeros. This was a group of brave men and women who defied the Mexican government in the 1920’s when President Calles enacted anti-Catholic legislation with the intent to destroy the Catholic Church. The rebellion began in early 1927 and lasted about thirty months. I focused on the extraordinarily brave women in that posting, the Joan of Arc Brigade. I avoided the whole question of whether or not the people had the right to rebel against their government.

But in view of what Obama is doing in our country today, I would rather turn the question around and ask, “Does the government have the right to persecute the people who have a strong religious faith?”

Cristerio priestMay the government make laws against God and then shoot and hang those who disagree with it?

The weaklings in our country who choose to just go along with whatever Obama does love to cite the Romans 13:1 verse. They need to read further. The government is not supposed to be fearful for those who are doing good, but the ones in authority are supposed to bring the “sword” against those who are doing evil.

Now, let me see. If the government was ministering for God, it should be protecting good people and even helpless people like unborn babies. It should also be punishing evil people – like murderers perhaps? How about baby killers?

And yet in our country just the opposite is happening. Christians who are trying to follow God are being persecuted and those who think it’s ok to kill innocent babies are being protected. This is not the way the Bible says it’s supposed to be.

The Cristeros tried peaceful means of protest. For several years the Cristeros had tried to boycott Cristeroscolgadosgovernment institutions. This fell through mainly because the wealthy complained to the government when they began to feel the economic pinch. Government troops broke up the picket lines and the Cristeros knew that now they had no options left but to take up arms (such as those arms were – many had only farm implements or clubs).

The Cristeros were hoping that their Catholic brethren in the United States would help them, but the U.S. Catholics would not support a group that was at war with cristero2a government that was “friendly” to the United States. The Cristeros were on their own. They would fight until a peace was brokered. After that they would be betrayed again as the leaders were hunted down and executed. Clear up until the 1950’s thousands of Cristeros lost their lives. The state governments closed churches and priests all but vanished. In 1934 there were 334 registered priests for fifteen million Mexicans.

School teachers were required to take a public oath of atheism and teach against the Catholic religion. When the Cristero War is taught in Mexican schools, a socialist spin is put on it. The children are taught that fanatical priests were to blame for it. Anti-clerical sentiment remains to this day.

When Mexican bishops spoke out against the laws making abortion legal, they were told that they had no right to speak out on “political” issues.

It is very easy to see the parallels between the United States and Mexico. The government of Mexico is at war with the Church and so is the government in the United States. Some one has said that all wars are at bottom religious wars. This is true. Men who would have power will brook no rival – especially not God.

In our country Christian clerics are not being lined up against a wall and shot. They are being marginalized though and ridiculed in the media. The government has decided that there is a huge gulf between the Church and the state and that the state has the right to dictate to the Church. Christians may not try and rescue babies from abortion facilities. Christians may not even peacefully protest in many cases. Sidewalk counselors are constantly being arrested even though they are keeping the legal distance. Lately, Crisis Pregnancy Centers have been the targets of scrutiny by the IRS for no good reason. If Christians don’t fight against this harassment while we still have the legal means, they will face stronger and stronger persecution.

It is interesting to note another parallel between the Cristeros and the Christians fighting for the rights of the unborn. The Cristeros tried a boycott. They lost because rich and influential people in their country who cared more about their money and power than they did about God got the government to put a stop to it.

In our country, people were boycotting “pink ribbon” companies and they stopped supporting the Susan Komen foundation when it was learned that the Komen foundation gave money to Planned Parenthood. Komen listened and stopped funding PP for a short while. But Planned Parenthood is the darling of the liberals and they coerced the Komen foundation back into supporting them. It’s about money and power. It certainly is never about the baby.

And so we come back to the question – when and how do Christians rebel against the government when it is legislating evil?

I still believe there is time to try all peaceful means available. We can still vote the evil leaders out of office if we just will. We can boycott companies that give a substantial sum of money to Planned Parenthood. We can donate money to Pro-life causes.

If we can win the battle against infanticide by legal means let’s do so. I am worried however that just like in Mexico, laws will be passed that we will have to say “No” to. Let’s pray that it never goes that far.


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In recent weeks the president of the United States has declared war on Christians. No, he hasn’t said so in so many words. He has nevertheless proven that he hates Christians by promoting homosexuality, murder of late-term and even born babies, and his health care tax that violates the consciences of Christians.

This is not the first time that a government has waged war against its citizens. We can turn to the history of other countries, even nearby Mexico, to see that power hungry leaders wield the sword of the state to enrich and enthrone themselves. Christians should use peaceful means to defend their rights when they can. The Christians in Mexico tried to do that before it became necessary to defend themselves with arms.

Their story is one that should not be forgotten. We can learn from their example. I pray that it will not be necessary to have to defend ourselves with arms. Brothers and sisters, let us wake up and use the ballot box to put people in leadership who will honor God.

Since it has become popular to talk about a “war on women” I thought it would be interesting to see what some women did when their rights were taken away.

If you like historical movies as much as I do, you might want to see “For 220px-For_Greater_Glory_posterGreater Glory” directed by Dean Wright. In the movie you will see an accurate portrayal of the part that the women played in defending their faith during the Cristero War in Mexico during the 1920’s. They were known as the Saint Joan of Arc Brigade.

Many accounts of the war between the Cristeros (Catholic soldiers) and the Mexican government can be found on the Internet. There are some interviews with survivors, including one with a man whose mother was a member of the Saint Joan of Arc Brigade. (See below).

Women-and-children-first-CristerosOnly a few months after the war broke out, women sympathetic to their cause got together to aid the Cristeros. According to survivors, the movie did a great job portraying the actual work that the women did.

The Feminine Brigades of St. Joan of Arc took their name from the Catholic patron saint of soldiers. Joan of Arc was martyred in the 1400’s after fighting the British when they invaded France and attempted to put their own ruler in place. She was only a teenager and her courage inspired the discouraged French to fight the British enemy.

The Brigades started with 17 women but quickly grew to 135 female “soldiers”. Their mission was to raise money, obtain weapons, ammunition, and food and then to get the supplies to the fighting soldiers. They also carried information between the groups of combatants. Caring for the wounded was another part of their work.

The women were very creative. They sewed special vests for themselves to hide the ammunition they were to smuggle in. The Cristeros always had a problem with a shortage of ammunition. The federal soldiers had plenty, of course.

After a battle, the Cristeros would take all of the arms and all of the ammunition they could find off of the dead Federales. This was still not enough and they often found themselves quitting in the middle of a battle because they were out of ammunition. The work of the Feminine Brigades in getting them bullets was very important.

The women also had secret workshops where they fashioned homemade grenades out of jelly tins. They would smuggle the weapons and ammunition to the men in carts filled with grain or cement. By the end of the war, some women even found themselves on the field of battle.

They devised a clever method of spreading the important communications cristerosbetween the various combat groups. They would write the messages on pieces of silk that they hid in their shoes. All of the women took vows of faith and secrecy in case any should be caught. No stories have ever surfaced that show that any of the women ever broke those vows. This took an incredible amount of courage on their part; they knew about the murders by shooting or hanging of any Cristeros who were caught.

The war lasted for about two and a half years. In spite of being vastly outnumbered, and having few weapons or ammunition, the Cristeros won numerous victories. Small groups of men defeated large government cavalry units in the plains of Jalisco and in the mountains of Durango. Several reasons may have contributed to the Cristeros’ victories.

For one thing, the Cristeros lived by a strict moral code. They remained orderly and they prayed together often. They gave the credit for their victories to Cristo Rey – King Jesus. Theirs was a fervent religious cause. This was in stark contrast to the federal soldiers who got drunk or stoned and pillaged and raped innocent people in the villages. Consequently, the Cristeros had the sympathy of the general population. Many people would hide the soldiers or the leaders in their homes. They responded eagerly to calls for donations for the cause of the Cristeros.

Of course, the work of the Feminine Brigade of Saint Joan of Arc helped. By the end of the war, their numbers had grown to over 25,000 women in 56 squadrons. They were well organized and very determined. They took their oath of secrecy seriously and accomplished much with their heroic efforts.

Eventually, the war ended in a stalemate and the Catholics won back some concessions from the government. It is said that in 1929 one could hear church bells ringing all over Mexico for the first time in three years.

Katherine Jean Lopez interviewed a man who grew up during the persecution. (On her September 11, 2012 blog – “Son of Cristero Talks For Greater Glory, Religious Freedom”) Bishop Placido Rodriguez recalled what life was like for their family. His mother was a member of the Feminine Brigades of St. Joan of Arc, and we get a glimpse of what it was like for the valiant women who risked their lives to aid the Cristeros.

KJL: (Katherine Jean Lopez) What did the Feminine Brigades of St. Joan of Arc mean to your family?

Bishop Rodriguez: Las Brigadas Femeninas (BB) were an ingenious and creative organization in the Cristero War, demonstrating an extremely high level of organization typical of the Mexican culture inherited from the Aztecs.

My father, Mr. Eutímio Rodríguez Cárdenas, was very aware of the BB and their role of supplying armaments to the Cristeros. This was a most successful enterprise, which was never discovered by the government, except by treason.

All I remember is my mother, Maria Concepción Rosiles de Rodríguez, telling me of her participation with the Feminine Brigades, and passing through the tough security of the Mexican army, without suspecting that these valiant women were carrying ammunition.

My mother in the year 1927 was 22 years old … 25 years later she would share with me how scared she was when they crossed the enemy line of government forces. Once they crossed this critical point, they felt more secure and delivered the ammunition to the Cristeros.

KJL: What do you wish you could tell everyone about your mother?

Bishop Rodriguez: My mother contributed and participated in the Feminine Brigades (BB); she maintained the family together and supported my father in his underground mission of protecting and hiding both priests and bishops during the persecution.

Bishop Rodriguez confirms that the movie is a fairly accurate portrayal of a true story.

joseluissanchezdelrioThere are other acts of incredible bravery portrayed in the movie such as the fourteen-year old boy who suffered torture before being killed because he would not give away any information about the Cristeros.

I recommend anyone who cares about religious freedom to see this movie. It is thought provoking especially in our day. How many of our liberties will we allow Obama to take away? We have time to vote him out of office before we have to suffer what the Cristeros did. Yes, it can happen here. Let’s don’t be frogs in a boiling pot. Wake up before it’s too late. Pray for the president and our country that we will return to God.

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We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work (John 9:4).

It took us many decades to get to the place where the argument over abortion is not 27 week old babywhether or not the unborn baby is a human being, but when and under what circumstances you get to kill it.

A look at the political scene in our country is enough to cause anyone who loves the Lord to despair. Those in power are forcing their ungodly ways on Christians. We used to be a Christian nation in the sense that no one questioned God or the Bible or the sanctity of life. I’m old enough to remember a time like that. Now those things are all “politically incorrect”.

I cannot remain silent while there is still hope. We are quickly getting to the place where we will not be able to speak out without being arrested. My sisters and brothers, I beg you to stop whatever else you are doing and pray. Then, get involved in whatever organization you can to help stop the holocaust against unborn babies. What is being done to helpless babies is just a symptom of the whole problem. As a nation we have deserted God. We must turn back to righteousness.

Before you say you have given up in despair, consider that others are working very hard and some gains are being made to protect the unborn. If enough people join them we may have a chance to roll back the evil that is being done.

Marjorie Dannenfelser has done a heroic job as president of the Susan B. Anthony List. She needs our support. Go to the SBA website and donate some money. You can also see what currently proposed legislation needs your action. Pray for Lila Rose and her colleagues in Live Action News as they go undercover to film stories about what is really happening in abortion clinics.

Join your local pro-life group. They will keep you informed as to what is going on in your state. If you are blessed enough to live in a state like Texas with pro-life leaders, support them. They can’t do the job alone.

WendyDavisBabyBooties-240x360Do your best to defeat legislators like Wendy Davis who advocates barbaric late-term abortion. Texas women can abort a healthy baby up to the 26th week of pregnancy for any reason under the current law. Ms. Davis is considered a hero by her abortion friends for blocking a law that would protect healthy babies from what is nothing less than murder. A 26 week-old baby can survive outside of the womb. What is the difference between killing the child inside the womb or out? Thankfully, Governor Rick Perry will call another legislative session to get the bill restricting abortion passed.

Even if we leave God out of the discussion, most people (80% according to a January Gallup poll) think that abortion should be illegal in the third trimester. 64% say they disagree with abortion in the second trimester. In many European countries you can’t get an abortion past 12 weeks except in exceptional circumstances. Ms. Davis along  with Obama, Pelosi, Cecile Richards and other abortion “rights” advocates would make America the most barbaric country in the world.

Read and support (LifeSiteNews.com). There you will be able to keep up with state and national legislation as well as many other articles about the sanctity of life.

There is a beautiful story at LifeSiteNews with photographs of a baby, Walter, born at walter, 19 weeksnineteen weeks gestation. The family has shared the photos of the baby and wishes others to pass them on. Mother, Lexi Fretz encourages, “Please feel free to share our photos. In all our hurt, I am glad that some good can come out of this. I pray that the Lord will continue to use Walter’s photos to impact many.”

A picture is worth a thousand words, so share photos especially with women you know that are contemplating abortion.

It is not enough to just talk about the seriousness of killing babies. We must help women who find themselves in a tough situation. The answer to their problem is not to do away with the baby. The baby did not choose to be conceived. The mother and father made the mistake; the baby should not pay for their sin with his/her life. Find out where the adoption organizations are in your state and inform yourself as to what the options are that they offer. Churches used to have homes for unwed mothers. How many women would choose to carry their babies if they only had some help?

If you are brave enough join Operation Rescue or other groups that peacefully protest outside of abortion clinics. Pray for the women who go inside, but also pray for the women and men who work in the abortion clinics. Many women, like Abby Johnson (see my March 14, 2012 post), have had enough of the barbarism and left abortion clinics. Pray that God will open the eyes of others and that soon there will be no one left who wants to kill babies.

We are in a war. The church has been asleep for far too long. The opposition knows that they can win the fight while we sleep. WAKE UP! GET BUSY! We don’t have to let the forces of evil completely rule in our country. We can’t afford to while away every night in front of the television anymore. If every Christian would even spend one night a week doing something – anything – we could restore justice in this land for the unborn.

Let us work for the night is coming. One by one laws are being passed that are targeting Christianity. Don’t fall for the lie about “separation of church and state”. The opposition pushes that to keep Christians silent. They are passing their laws while we’re expected to sit around and be “tolerant”. They are not tolerant. Just witness the behavior at the Texas Capitol this week.

Therefore, let everyone who is godly pray to You in a time when You may be found (Psalm 32:6).

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“There are six thing which the Lord hates; yes, seven which are an abomination to Him.”  One is  “…hands that shed innocent blood” (Proverbs 6:16,17).

“Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image,…God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:26,27).

What is a human being? When does a human have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Do unborn humans get the same rights as others? I can’t believe that we are even having this discussion. What kind of insane nation decides to kill it’s own offspring? Our country is on the verge of judgment by God for spilling the blood of so many babies.

Why is the murder of so many babies, in or out of the womb taking place? Does the fact that people at the highest levels of government in our country are supporting infanticide have anything to do with the sudden rash of abortionists who are killing born babies?

Barack Obama twice openly took the position in the short time he served as a legislator in Illinois that babies born alive following abortions had no right to live. Obama actively opposed legislation to protect babies even while abortionists were murdering babies born alive in cold blood in his own state. How does he justify this? He apparently does not believe that “unwanted” babies have any rights. Is that how he defines “humanness”?

When do babies become human beings and get their rights? In the abortion debate, both sides want to know “when does human life begin?” When does the little being stop being a “blob of tissue” or a “fetus” and start becoming something that we can’t kill with a good conscience? I’m afraid the debate has long since left that of trying to determine when life begins. So, what is the real issue – “LIFE” or “RIGHTS”?

27 week old babyGod’s AnswerFor You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). God is the Creator of life and He created all persons in His image. God gives humans their rights. This is the basis for the Declaration of Independence and all of American law. Those who would kill unborn babies are trying to murder God’s children in the womb.

Late-term abortion answer – ” Well, in my heart and my mind, you know, life begins when the mother thinks it begins, not when anybody else thinks it begins.  For some women it’s before they conceive; for some women, it’s never.  Even after they deliver, it’s still a problem, not a baby.” (LeRoy Carhart, abortionist)

Obama, Pelosi, Planned Parenthood – “We don’t care if it’s alive. Only the mother can make a decision about It’s quality of life and end it’s life if she wants to.” Pelosi has stated that late-term abortion is sacred. It’s not about life for pro-abortion people; it’s about convenience or choice. We are not really in a scientific realm anymore; we are now in the religious realm. Obama has stated that laws must protect a woman’s right to have an abortion any time she wants. Any attempt to protect the baby, such as the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act”, is just a “backdoor attempt to deny women the right to abortion.” If Obama, Pelosi, and Cecile Richards (Planned Parenthood) had their way, Gosnell and many others like him would be free to continue to kill babies.

Who gets to decide what people have human rights?
Whether we are talking about genocide, slavery, abortion, or infanticide, we are talking about the same basic problem. Persons in power seem to think that they can rid society of unwanted or inconvenient people. The Hitler’s and Obama’s of this world believe that human rights are not intrinsic to human beings, bestowed on them by a Creator Who created men and women in His image. They believe that they themselves, the philosopher kings, get to bestow rights on whomsoever they wish. If a certain group of people is a problem to society, for whatever reason, then they should be curtailed or eliminated. The fact that God created all humans in His image is ignored by those who want to play god themselves. These arrogant leaders decide who gets rights and who doesn’t.

Often this is accomplished when a whole group of people is relegated to a lower level ofresisting_slavery existence. For example, it is well known that one of the reasons for forcing black people into slavery is because they were seen as lower down on the evolutionary scale. They were somewhere between whites and apes. They were not quite human, therefore it needn’t bother one’s conscience and it was ok to treat them like animals.

Other groups who have been redefined as “not quite fully human” include the Jews, the Chinese, trafficked women, infidels, and of course unborn babies. All of these are jewish holocaustexamples of one nation or group deciding that another nation or group needs to be eliminated. In all honesty, the real reason is usually that the leader of nation #1 or group #1 wants power or what the other group has, but is not honest enough to say so. Hitler and the Nazi’s wanted the wealth of the Jews so Jews became targets. As soon as it was known that it was supposedly in everyone’s best interests to persecute Jews the door was wide open for unscrupulous people to steal everything they had. In the name of “purifying society”, genocide began. Sinful men could satisfy their lust for money or power by legally getting rid of the people who were in their way. The Bible says “thou shalt not murder” but killing undesirables is not the same thing according to the government or group that believes it has a right to eliminate anyone they choose.

It is easy to see then that our nation is committing suicide. We have shifted the slavery or1200 botched abortions annihilation of blacks, Chinese, and Jews to unborn babies. Obama is using the abortion issue to enslave women as well. He is the one who is waging a war on women and not only on unborn women. The woman who falls for the abortion rhetoric and destroys her child will live to regret it whether in this life or the next.

Let us pray that women will say no to abortion. Let us pray that women will choose life for their babies. Let us pray for our president and our whole nation for repentance and turning back to God. God is gracious and may turn the hearts of the people back to Him.

But now, O Lord, You are our Father. We are the clay, and You our potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand. Do not be angry beyond measure, O Lord, nor remember iniquity forever. (Isaiah 64:8,9)

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