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Angels for LIfe

For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well (Psalm 139:13,14).

What would cause a woman to give up her life for her unborn child? It goes without saying that there is tremendous love involved. But there must be more than this.

Some women who destroy their unborn children claim that they love children, too. They say that the best thing for the child is to never be brought into this cold, cruel world. Consider this quote from an abortion advocate –

“With my choice I was fighting for the right of all women to define abortion as an act of love: love for the family one already has, and just as important, love for oneself. I was fighting to reclaim abortion as a mother’s act.”

Anyone with half an ounce of sense sees all of the contradictions and lies in this statement. But, there really are women in trouble out there who desperately want to see abortion as an act of love so they can assuage their conscience over the killing of the unborn child.

So what is the difference here? Why isn’t “love” enough to convince women to bear and raise children?

Faith is needed. This week I am going to share the stories of two women who not only had tremendous love for their child and their husbands, but they had faith in the Creator Who gave them the children.

For a woman to risk dying in order to save her child, she must believe at least three things:
1.  God creates human beings. God creates them from the beginning in the womb.

2.  God is in charge of life. Only He gets to determine who lives or dies. Humans do not get to decide to end the lives of other human beings.

3.  There is a Heaven. There is a place where believers go when they die where they will be at rest and peace with God. No more sickness or death. They will get to see their loved ones later. The loved ones they leave behind can know that their mother is enjoying fellowship with God and is waiting to be reunited with them.

These blessed thoughts give a woman the courage to risk her life in order to save her child.
Consider the tragic, yet beautiful stories of two women who chose to follow God.
(These stories are from LifeSiteNews.com. You can visit that site to read more encouraging stories as well as news about the Pro-Life battle to protect the unborn.)

From LifeSiteNews – June 25, 2012, When Chiara Corbella learned she was pregnant with her third child, it was a great joy that ended in bittersweet tragedy for the young Italian mother, who died this month after postponing cancer treatment to save her cherished baby. Chiara had already lost two babies, Maria and David, soon after their births. This time the baby was healthy and Chiara and her husband were overjoyed at the prospect of having a healthy child.

Chiara had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and she was advised to begin treatment right away. The therapy would harm the baby however, so Chiara chose to postpone it until after the baby was born. The cancer progressed over the following year, depriving Chiara of sight in one eye before she finally succumbed on June 13, 2012.

“I am going to heaven to take care of Maria and David, you stay here with Dad. I will pray for you,” Chiara wrote to baby Francisco in a letter, one week before her death.
Her husband, Enrico, said in an interview, “I spent a lot of time this year reflecting on this phrase from the Gospel that says the Lord gives a cross that is sweet and a burden that is light.” Enrico said that he would tell his son of his mother’s love later when he was older.

Another woman who demonstrated her love and faith in God was Barbara Castro Garcia.
Barbara and her husband, Ignacio, had dated for eleven years and finally gotten married. Soon they were overjoyed to find out about her pregnancy with their first child.

Little did they know that this pregnancy, which had already brought them so much joy, was also the beginning of a saga that would test their faith to the limit—and ultimately take the life of the young mother.

Four months into the pregnancy, Barbara took a trip to the dentist complaining of a sore in her mouth. The dentist sent her on to a specialist, who diagnosed her with mouth cancer.

The couple was presented with a problem: Barbara urgently needed life-saving treatment, but the treatment had the potential to harm their unborn child.
Barbara refused to take all treatments except for a surgical procedure on her mouth that left her in a lot of pain.

Their child was born on November 1, 2010, healthy and of great comfort to her parents. Within days Barbara’s cancer flared up and she went to Madrid to see a specialist. The doctor told her that there was little hope. She began the rounds of chemotherapy and other treatments that left her without a tongue and part of her jaw. She had to be tube fed from then on.

Ultimately the cancer won and Barbara died earlier this month after having sacrificed her all for her daughter. Her grieving husband honors her memory knowing that she gave her life for her baby girl out of love “for her daughter, for me and for God.”

Many women would have made a different decision. Some have said, “Save the mother. She can always have more children.” This is a very hard thing for anyone to do. I could not condemn a woman who tried to take the cancer treatments hoping for the best.

The one thing that I believe would be absolutely wrong would be for the women to decide to just abort the babies. There are numerous stories of women in difficult circumstances who got that advice from their doctors. To just do away with the child shows an utter lack of faith and dependence on God.

The real issue here is – who gets to decide? Who is in charge – our Father the Creator or the parents?

It takes great faith, but knowing that there is indeed a loving Savior waiting for us in Heaven helps. This Savior already showed us the way Himself.

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13).



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Her Children rise up and bless her (Proverbs 31:28).

Most of the stories on this blog are about individual women who did great deeds. There are stories of martyrs such as Perpetua and Felicitas, Anne Askew, and Eulalia. These women were willing to give up their lives rather than deny Jesus Christ. There are stories of women who devoted their lives to the service of others. Many unselfishly spent the whole of their time taking care of the needs of their families and friends (Elizabeth Bunyan, Idelette de Bure, and Susannah Wesley to name only three of many outstanding women), ministering to the lost in foreign lands (Amy Carmichael, Ann Judson, and Evie Brand) or even to the destitute in their communities (Elizabeth Fry, Pandita Ramabai, and Hannah More). It is easy to be awed by the bravery of these women who gave their all, often in the face of many obstacles.

The unsung heroines of any age are the mothers who daily rise to take care of their children, sacrificing their own desires and sometimes even their own needs. It is thrilling to read the story of a thirteen-year old girl who lost her life after facing down a magistrate who threatened to burn her at the stake (Eulalia). Likewise, the story of a woman who would not give away her Christian friends, though most of the bones in her body were broken under torture, fills us with admiration (Anne Askew). Compared to this, the story of the woman who gets up and routinely cooks, cleans, nurses, teaches, and comforts her children is rather boring.

I would submit though, that the job of mothers is the most important. Missions and charitable giving are great, but all is lost if the mothers don’t raise their children with a love for God. It is the example of mothers, humbly teaching their children, that has the most effect on their lives.

This week we look at the lives of two women who were well known for their charity. Both lived in France during the 17th century. Both sought to live for God only. Both are remembered today as Catholic Saints. They differ to me though in that one seemed to fail in her duty as a mother. Let’s look at their stories.

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal – Foundress of the Order of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1572 – 1641)
Jane Frances Fremiot was born during the time that Catholics and Protestants were fighting in France. Madame de Chantal was raised as a Roman Catholic and she remained a strict adherent to that theology all through her life. Once when she was a child she overheard her father and a Protestant discussing transubstantiation (the Catholic belief that the wafer or host actually becomes the body of Christ when the priest blesses it for Communion). She actually broke into their conversation, condemning her father’s friend, “Even thus shall all heretics burn in the fire of hell, because they do not believe what our Lord has said!”

My purpose is not to discuss theology here, only to show that Jane was ardent in her Catholic faith. I believe that her zeal for particular beliefs had something to do with why she was able to abandon her young son in order to go away and join a religious order. At that time, “separating yourself to God” was seen as the highest and holiest calling among Catholics, definitely higher than motherhood. Jane expected her family to understand that her charitable work with the Sisters of the Visitation was the most important thing she could do.

Madame de Chantal certainly did some amazing work among the poor, often going into places that stunk so bad no one else would go. One has to admire that, but I am not sure that “elevating the spirit” so high is the most important work on earth. It makes the religious practitioner feel good, but what about her child?

It seems a selfish thing to me to seek some sort of special favor with God through your own actions. It was reported by one of her biographers that Jane actually stepped over her distraught son in order to get away from him. He had put his arms around her neck and begged her not to go. She left anyway for her “higher purpose”. I believe that once you are a mother, your highest calling is to take care of your children. All of those other activities are wonderful, but not at the expense of your own family.

Jane claimed to know what the Bible said. How did she miss the part about parents raising their children in the instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4) or about not hurting their children so that they would lose heart (Colossians 3:21)?

I hope that I will meet this woman in Heaven, but I’m not sure. If she was depending on her own works, and not on the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, then only God knows.

Now here is the story of another incredibly interesting French woman who had a kind and compassionate heart and who also managed to maintain a good Christian testimony in spite of the fact that she lived during one of the most corrupt times in France.

Madame de Miramion. (November 2, 1629 – March 24, 1696).
I hope you will get a larger work written about this woman and read it. Her story could be made into a movie. I only have a short space here to summarize her life.

Marie Bonneau de Rubelle lost her mother when she was nine years old. She spent most of her life near the society of Paris, which was very licentious at the time. The court of Louis XIV was famous (or infamous) for gross corruption of manners and morals.

With the encouragement of her governess, she tried to avoid all of the frivolity going on around her. She loved to seek God in prayer. Her father died when she was fourteen and she tried to raise her siblings in a godly fashion.

In 1645 she married M. de Miramion. She became a widow after only six months of marriage. A daughter was born to her a few months later. She loved her daughter and sought to raise her alone for the next two years. Though she attracted many suitors as a young, beautiful, and very rich widow, she refused them all.

The abduction of heiresses was a common practice of that age. Attempts were made against her three times to force her into wedlock with wicked men. The first time she was kidnapped she managed to escape but not after starving herself until she was very ill. She eventually went to live with some Sisters of Charity in order to get protection from the designs of the evil men.

While at one home for poor girls she consecrated herself to God. She rented a house large enough to house twenty girls, where she fed, clothed, and educated them. She not only used her income, but also sold her rich clothing, plate, and jewels in order to finance homes for the girls. Many thanked her for her help but her response was, “I have received more from God than those people have received from me. He therefore gives me a great proof of His mercy, in affording me those opportunities of satisfying His justice.”

Throughout this time Madame de Miramion carefully raised her daughter in her own principles and habits. Her daughter grew up loving to help poor children. She dressed modestly and gave alms to hospitals. Together, mother and daughter discussed the various offers of marriage that the daughter received. Finally an honorable magistrate was chosen as her husband.

Madame de Miramion now felt that she could retire into a convent, but she did not. Her friends convinced her of her helpfulness in the community. She went on to establish hospitals and schools. She went about getting others to contribute to the cause. When a famine occurred in Paris she even got the king through his mistress to donate the rice that was necessary to feed the hundreds of destitute people.

Much more could be said about this woman whose chief characteristic was her ardent love of the poor. The hospitals she started saved many lives. She also invented several medicines which were used daily. Before she died she placed her property in trust for the poor. She died peacefully knowing that she would be united with God forever.

These two accounts and so many of the other stories on this blog are about women who led really exciting lives. We venerate the martyrs, admire the missionaries, and look up to the other godly women who gave their all to do so much for hundreds of thousands of people.

Yet none of them is any more important to the Kingdom of God than any one among the multitudes of mothers that are raising their children in an everyday fashion with nothing too exciting seemingly going on. The Lord Jesus tells us that there is rejoicing in Heaven over every single little sheep (Luke 15:7). Every child and mother are precious to Him.

The really amazing women are the ones who see to the training of their little ones no matter how much drudgery seems to be involved. The women who just faithfully do their work, day in and day out, without ever asking for notoriety show the kind of courage that only a dedicated servant can show. They will have the joy of hearing the Savior greet them at the Heavenly gate with, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Truly they will “enter into the joy of (their) master” (Matthew 25:23).


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Now that our Supreme Court has opened the door for the government to command the citizens to do anything the government wants, no one is safe from being declared a criminal for any reason. If you think I am exaggerating, consider that the “ObamaCare” law requires all employers, even churches, to provide coverage that will result in the terminating of lives of the unborn. The new rogue law says everyone MUST provide the insurance. The Supreme Court has gone too far when it says that it is constitutional for the government to REQUIRE people to buy insurance. Nowhere does the constitution REQUIRE anyone to engage in any kind of commerce. What will they require next? The law goes against the beliefs of religious people. Our Christian religious beliefs used to be protected. Not any more – only Muslims are protected. Slowly but surely Christians will be arrested and thrown in prison for sticking to their firmly held convictions.

As implemented, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), popularly known as “ObamaCare,” would allow insurance agencies that participate in the state exchanges the bill creates to charge women a surcharge of $1 for abortion coverage, effectively underwriting the ghastly procedure with federal funds.

Many have responded, “So what? So what’s a single dollar?” I’ll tell you so what. Is your conscience that cheap? Can you be bought for a dollar? We must not be like the frog in the boiling pot. Next year it will be fifty or one hundred dollars, and then we will pay for an entire policy. In the end all of the hard working taxpayers will pay double or triple in order to pick up the tab for the welfare slouches who have been guaranteed health benefits.

Will we be able to stand up to it? Are we willing to pay a fine or go to jail rather than pay the blood money tribute to King Obama? How much are we willing to suffer to follow Christ? Here is the story of a young girl who faced down the government and lost her life for it.

Eulalia lived in Merida, Spain, during a time of great persecutions of Christians. In 304 AD, when she was thirteen, she was martyred for refusing to sacrifice to the Roman gods, which of course included the emperor himself.

Eulalia had a chance to avoid being killed when her parents sent her out to the countryside to hide. They knew of her zeal and her yearning to die for Christ if necessary and were afraid of what she might do if given the chance to speak to the Spanish tribunal.

Her desire to witness for Christ and avoid committing idolatry caused Eulalia to escape from the house where she was staying and head straight for the law court of the governor Dacian at Merida. There she professed herself a Christian and began to insult the pagan gods and the emperor Maximian.

“Are you not ashamed to cast your own souls and those of others at once into eternal perdition by denying the only true God, the Father of us all, and the Creator of all Christians, that you may put them to death? Behold, here am I, an adversary of your satanical sacrifices. I confess with heart and mouth God alone.” She went on to tell them that she refused to worship their pagan gods or the emperor.

This enraged the tribunal judge and he called for an executioner. He hoped that this would make her afraid. Before he ordered her to be tortured, he tried bribery and flattery. He addressed her with these soft words-, “How gladly would I spare thee! O that thou mightest renounce before thy death thy perverse views of the Christian religion? Reflect once, what great joy awaits thee, which thou mayest expect in the honorable state of matrimony. Behold, all thy friends weep for thee, and thy sorrow-stricken, well-born kindred sigh aver thee, that thou art to die in the tender bloom of thy young life. See, the servants stand ready to torture thee to death with all sorts of torments; for thou shaft either be beheaded with the sword, or torn by the wild beasts, or singed with torches, which will cause thee to howl and wail, because thou wilt not be able to endure the pain; or, lastly be burned with fire. Thou canst escape all these tortures with little trouble, if thou wilt only take a few grains of salt and incense on the tips of thy fingers, and sacrifice it. (Italics mine. – If thou will only pay thy $1 for this abortion surcharge on the bill – ) Daughter, consent to this, and thou shalt thereby escape all these severe punishments.”

Eulalia would not sacrifice her conscience so cheaply and neither should we.
She did not dignify the judge’s words with a reply but responded by pushing away from her the altar with its pagan images, books, and incense. The tribunal judge got so angry he ordered her torture to begin.

At the judge’s order, two executioners approached her and stripped her. They tore her tender flesh in her sides with iron hooks, so as to leave her rib bones bare. Next lighted torches were applied to her breasts and sides. She did not complain under this torture. Instead of cries, she only taunted her torturers. In looking at the gashes on her body she said, “Behold, Lord Jesus Christ! Thy name is being written on my body; what great delight it affords me to read these letters, because they are signs of Thy victory! Behold, my purple blood confesses Thy holy name.” The fire at length enveloped her hair, surrounding her head and face. Eulalia suffered from flames and smoke inhalation and finally died from breathing it in. She loved her Savior more than her own life.

Do we love the Savior more than our own lives? Little by little the boiling water is being heated up under us. In the last few years we have lost one freedom after another. What will it take before we say we’ve had enough? Will you wait until King Obama declares you a traitor because you won’t support his anti-life commands? Do you think I am far fetched, that “it will never happen here”? Who ever thought the government would start dictating to the church the way it has?

We don’t have to face torture and death yet, but I see prison sentences just around the corner. Wake up, my sisters. Do all in your power to oppose this trend. Don’t vote for anyone who supports the evil healthcare law. Join a pro-life group and get active. If enough of us protest, we may make our congresspersons strike down the PPACA.

And let us be continually in prayer to God, the One Who is truly the Ruler of the world.


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