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There is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and tell himself that his labor is good. This also I have seen, that it is from the hand of God.
(Ecclesiastes 2:24)

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
(I Corinthians 10:31)

This past week I have been profoundly disappointed in a woman whom I have admired for many years. Paula Deen is practically an American icon. While hopefully no one eats the way she cooks every night of the week, I have appreciated the zest with which she prepares meals for her guests. I love her attitude of enjoying the food that God has blessed us with. For feasting is truly a gift from God. We eat like the kings and queens of old in this country. I never apologize for using two sticks of butter in my desserts. My guests may have private thoughts about how healthy the food is, but I have never had anyone turn it down. It is a wonderful thing to have friends, and hospitality is a grace.

I try to care for the body that God has given me, so we eat in moderation in our home. We eat our 5 to 6 servings of fruits and veggies and all the rest of it. But when we’re celebrating, I prepare good tasting meals, rejoicing in the fat of the land that is a blessing from God. Paula’s recipes reflect the joy in cooking a treat for your guests.

I don’t hold with those sourpusses who take all the joy out of life by insisting that you never eat sugar, butter, warm bread out of the oven, or a juicy steak. This food is a gift from God and should be used when celebrating.

Now that I’ve said all that, it makes me sad to have to criticize a woman who also enjoys those blessings from God. Recently Paula Deen admitted to having been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about three years ago. Some are saying that she just waited until she could cash in on the big money that is being raked in by the drug companies.

I hope not. I hope she was just embarrassed and is trying to make the best of things. Whatever her motivation, I wish she would not be supporting the drug companies. I wish she would use her status as a star to promote a healthy alternative.

What frightens me is that the message she may be conveying to her fans is, “Eat however you want, and if you get diabetes, just pop a pill. Everything will be all right!”

Well, Paula, everything will not be all right. Please look at the side effects of the drug you are promoting, Victoza, and notice that people may die from taking it.

I wish Paula would still write her wonderful recipes, while promoting moderation. She has an opportunity to be a real heroine to those who enjoy eating, but need some guidance in using food in their everyday life.

Instead of promoting a dangerous drug, Paula could use her immense popularity to talk to folks about eating a healthy diet, so they don’t get sick like she did. Everyone could then really celebrate with rich, wonderful food on all special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and all holidays, and all other celebrations, weddings, announcements, and the Lord’s Day. In our home, we eat healthy on all regular days and then honor the Lord on His Day (Sunday) each week with a big dinner. It is one of the ways that we thank God for His bounteous provisions.

And so, I am writing this letter to her. I plan on mailing her a copy. I hope that my readers who also appreciate the blessings from God, but are concerned about health will take note of the dangers in the drug that Paula is endorsing.

Dear Paula,

I have loved watching your show for many years now. I love reading your newsletter. I own a half dozen of your cookbooks.

Your life story is one of determination, hard work, caring, compassion and downright fun. Others would criticize you for the amount of butter and sugar in your recipes, but I know that these things are what make foods really special. I do not cook that way every day; I use your recipes when I want to make sure that the meal I serve my guests is a real treat.

Like many others, I was inspired by your story of overcoming obstacles to raise your boys and form successful businesses. You are an encouragement to women who face difficult things in their lives. The message you gave us was to never quit.

Then when you became successful, you gave back. You have made it known that you were grateful for your blessings and have seen to it that others benefit from those blessings, by your involvement in the Bethesda Home for Boys, America’s Second Harvest, and providing millions of meals for America’s hungry.

I love the way you interact with your public. You are not a snob who holds herself aloof. Your interaction with thousands of people when you tour the country reminds me of what is best in America. With your down-home demeanor and your dazzling smile, you inspired trust in your fans.

That is why I am so disappointed in the way you have handled your bout with diabetes. I wish you would have been forthright about it and told everyone about your diagnosis immediately. It would not look like a cover up now.

There are many reasons for Type 2 diabetes. Eating too much rich food is only part of the cause. You could have investigated this illness. You could have discovered more natural ways to deal with Diabetes. There are many other experts who could have told you just how bad Victoza is. There are many doctors who can show you a healthy way to live with your Type 2 diabetes.

As a leader that many people trust, you could have become a spokesperson for “Moderation” and living a healthy lifestyle including exercise and natural supplements.

Instead you turned to a drug company who is marketing a questionable drug. There are many sites that you could have gone to that would have given you information on just how dangerous the drug you are endorsing is. I wish you would have done that. Now, you will lose the trust of many folks.

Please consider the facts about the drug:

1.  The FDA approved Victoza in 2010, but it did so amid strong evidence of a link to thyroid cancer, based on tests done in 2009.

2.  Last June, in a report by MedPage Today, the FDA “issued a warning about the risks of thyroid cancer and pancreatitis associated with the diabetes drug liraglutide (Victoza).” Novo Nordisk, the drug maker, was directed by the FDA to send out a “Dear healthcare professional” letter after determining that some primary care providers were not completely aware of the serious risks. The FDA also told Novo Nordisk to include a “black box” warning on the label. Black boxes are the agency’s strongest warning, used when grave side effects, possible even fatal ones, are at issue. They were supposed to inform the users that the drug “causes thyroid C-cell tumors at clinically relevant exposures in rodents.” Further testing showed that these results could show up in humans too.

Today, Novo Nordisk lists all of the side effects on its web page for Victoza, right under the new slogan “Diabetes in a new light” next to your photo, Paula. Paula, how can you do this?

3.  Here’s the real kicker: What do you gain by taking this dangerous drug? Some medical authorities question whether the drug actually works. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that lowering a patient’s blood sugar affects the Type 2 diabetes at all. University of North Carolina professor of medicine, Nortin Hadler, penned a blunt article in 2008 in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology declaring them essentially useless, because, he claims, lowering patient’s blood-sugar levels does not deliver any tangible benefits. And in his book on aging, Hadler minced no words. The drugs should be “taken off the market until one can be shown to benefit some group of patients, any group of patients.” He continued: “That’s obvious—why hasn’t it happened? One answer is that there is such a cloud of smoke and so many mirrors that few see clearly to join me in this outcry. Another answer is greed. In an interview, Hadler said that all the drugs designed to do what Victoza does have “significant side effects” and “have never been shown in years of study to provide any benefit.”

Paula, the drug does not cure the disease. It is dangerous. Please stop endorsing it.
Your fan,
Mary Walker

The message here is: you cannot overindulge and get away with it. If you do anything to excess, you must pay for it. It appeals to our sin nature to think that we can be gluttons and then just pop a pill to cure the effects. It won’t happen. Enjoying good health takes work and discipline. Then on those days when you get out the Paula Deen cookbook and make gooey chocolate stuff, you can really enjoy it guilt free!!!

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“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon” (Matthew 6:24).

At our last posting we looked at all the good news for the pro-life cause that happened last year, especially the legislation that has been passed to protect unborn babies. I deliberately left out anything negative, because I did not want to mar the wonderful, enthusiastic, and optimistic news with ugly pictures.

This week, I’d like to talk about some of those ugly pictures, because in an indirect way, they are still good news for the right to life. Last year, the lines were being drawn more distinctly in the sand for all to see. Many Christians have been sitting on the fence for various reasons. I hope they will get off now.

I think one of the worst reasons to avoid our responsibility for trying to bring justice to those who are oppressed is that we don’t like to be called “intolerant”. The enemy has used that tactic against Christians for a long time to good effect, and it’s time to turn the tables.

Intolerance cannot be avoided. If we are Christians who want to live according to the Word of God, then we must be intolerant towards murder, (this includes the unborn, no matter how the enemy wants to define abortion), theft, adultery, false witness, and anything else against the wise commandments given to us by our gracious heavenly Father.

Those who are sinners and think nothing of breaking God’s law are intolerant of Christians. They are guilty of the sin they accuse us of. They hate God and His restraints on society and they hate us because we don’t love or tolerate sin as they do.

Our Lord Jesus told us that we cannot serve two masters. We must choose one. It is very important now for Christians to get off the fence. It is important for us to love God and His Word above all else. This means we must hate sin and regard it as an offense against God and as injustice to other human beings.

Many are sitting on the fence perhaps because they don’t really know how bad things are. They do not understand that those who hate God have committed heinous atrocities against the unborn. The following articles that I am including this week will show how the pro-death people have been showing their true colors. These articles show the ugliness of the pro-abortion crowd; that is why I chose to do a separate Blog posting for them. What they are doing is so evil as to not leave any doubt in any Christian’s mind about what their real agenda is.

What you tolerate says a lot about you. It shows what your loyalties are and where you place your affections. The lines that are being drawn are black and white. Read the following stories and you will see that there are no more excuses for trying to straddle the fence.

From October 26, 2011:

Workers at “House of Horrors” abortion clinic plead guilty to murder

This story is important because it is probably the first time an abortion worker has been found guilty of murder for killing a baby. The “House of Horrors” abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, was in the news last year for the grisly way he operated his clinic. He had also been charged with eight counts of murder, though he and his workers killed hundreds of newborn babies by severing their spinal cords rather than killing them in the womb.

The two workers, Sherry West and Adrienne Moton pled guilty for killing one baby and for helping to drug an abortion client to death during a botched abortion. Neither woman had any medical training or licensing.

Operation Rescue President, Troy Newman commented, “As disturbing as this case is, we know that what went on at Gosnell’s abortion mill is little different than what goes on at late-term abortion mills around the country. We look forward to a full airing of the evidence in a court of law so Americans can come face to face with the atrocity of abortion.

Maybe if we finally have a public airing of the truth about what goes on inside abortion clinics, American will stop tolerating the barbaric, unnecessary, and outdated practice. This case serves as a warning to abortionists who break the law. Sooner or later you will get caught.”

I don’t like talking about such grisly happenings, but I hope these kinds of stories will help people get off of the fence and do more for the cause of the unborn.

Also from a “LifeSiteNews” article on October 26, 2011:

Video shows abortion workers laughing after botched abortion, says pro-life group

If this story does not make you hopping mad, I don’t know what else to do.

–“ A video released recently by Pro-Life Wisconsin, shows abortion clinic workers laughing as an ambulance pulls up outside the facility to fetch a woman injured from a botched abortion.

According to the pro-life organization, this is “at least” the third time this year that an ambulance has shown up at the abortion facility after a botched abortion.

“Those who lobby for abortion’s legality claim that if abortion were made illegal, women would have to resort to dirty, back-alley abortions,”  Pro-Life Wisconsin wrote on their website. “But the reverse has actually happened — as was sadly illustrated with Kermit Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors’ abortuary in Philadelphia, the dirty, back-alley abortions are legal and no one is watching.”

“Abortion facilities in Milwaukee are not subject to health inspections,” the group continued. “Some days the smell of death — blood and flesh — can be smelled wafting out of AMS when the staff open the doors.”

Later, the pro-life activist who was taking the video said to one of the abortion workers, “So, this is what you do after you put a woman in the hospital.” The worker responded, “You’re lucky it isn’t you in the hospital.”

Last year a number of pro-death activists were forced to face the truth. They could no longer deny what everyone else was seeing. The following article, from “LifeSiteNews”, shows how one honest pro-abortion woman admitted that the pro-life people were not exaggerating when they showed pictures of what an aborted child looked like.

“Abortion doula” founder admits: ‘those pictures pro-life activists flash are real’

The dictionary defines a “doula” as “a woman who assists women during labor and after childbirth.” But there is a new group of men and women calling themselves “doulas” who are challenging that definition in radical ways.

Volunteers with “The Doula Project,” located in New York City, not only help women who give birth to their child, but also accompany them as their unborn child is killed by abortion.

In a recent article about the Doula Project, it was admitted what many pro-abortion activists have furiously disputed for years – that graphic photos of aborted babies used by many pro-life activists are legitimate.

“That is what a fetus looks like when its head is crushed,” admits Mary Mahoney in a devastating remark in a new article about abortion “doulas.”

Mahoney’s statement strikes a deathblow against the claims of pro-abortion activists that graphic images of abortions are faked, or simply photos of stillborn babies.

“The quickest way to change a pro-choicer’s mind is to let them see the procedure,” says Kelly Brunacini of Feminists Choosing Life of New York.

I agree. And, the quickest way for some of our fence sitters to get moving and join the fight against this horrible crime is to let them see the pictures, too.

Is it any wonder that pro-lifers compare abortion to the holocaust?

Finally, here is one more article. There were many to choose from, but this one shows how callous the pro-abortion people can be. And why should we be surprised? Why should anyone who thinks it’s ok to kill a helpless baby worry about the law?

Austin, Texas, December 1, 2011:

Abortion clinics, waste disposal fined $83,000 for tossing aborted babies in open dumpsters

Two Texas abortion clinics and the disposal company Stericycle have been slapped with fines in excess of $83,000 for illegal dumping of aborted baby remains in open dumpsters. The babies were picked up each week by the disposal company and eventually dumped at a landfill. Since the aborted babies were considered “pathological waste” by Texas law, they should have been taken to a special landfill.

Investigations have been ongoing at other Texas abortion clinics.

“Time and again we have seen that abortionists have the attitude that they are above the law. Abortion clinics need to be inspected and violations strictly enforced for the sake of the public’s welfare,” said Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President.

It is bad enough that abortionists think they are above the law, but it is really callous how they treat little human beings.

I hope these stories have spurred you on to do something for the babies. Even if you would give up one trip to the coffee place for your specialty coffee each month and send that money to your local pro-life group, it would make a difference.

And, please check out LifeSiteNews.com. There is a wealth of information there. Lately, it has been encouraging. The tide seems to be turning thanks in part to technology. The pro-death people can no longer hide the truth.

May we have a very successful year defeating the forces of darkness and promoting light and life!!

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In the battle to save the lives of the unborn, the Pro-Life movement made some significant gains last year. I pray that 2012 will be an equally good year. The momentum is on the side of Life.

More and more young people are getting involved in the fight for the unborn. This is a shift from a generation earlier when the average age for women in the Pro-Life movement was around fifty. This is really exciting and I believe it signals the eventual victory over those who are killing children in America.

Consider the story of a brave young woman in Tucson, Arizona.
Renise Rodriguez is a 21-year-old student majoring in religious studies at the University of Arizona. She worked as a Girl Experience Associate for the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. She had gone to her office on her off-duty hours to prepare some materials for a meeting. Her supervisor ordered her to turn her T-shirt inside out because it read, “Pray to End Abortion.”

“I started to get emotional because of the way I was treated so I left without preparing for the meeting and told my co-worker that she would have to get the stuff together,” Miss Rodriguez told a reporter in an interview. “As I was driving out, I called a friend crying and told her the story. I was so shocked at the way I was treated. After contemplating it for the rest of that day, I decided to write my letter of resignation.”

This kind of courage and conviction gives me hope that we can win the battle against those who would destroy life. Every single courageous woman who will stand up and say “no” to injustice makes a difference. Renise made a sacrifice to help to end abortion; she is to be admired and emulated.

There is more exciting news on other fronts. In the political arena, many efforts on behalf of the unborn have paid off. Consider the good news from a report put out by the Guttmacher Institute that shows that 83 pro-life laws were passed in 2011, more than twice as many as the previous record set in 2005 of 34. In 2010 there were 23 pro-life laws enacted. Some people attribute this to the gains made by Republicans in Southern and Midwestern states whose legislatures were historically controlled by Democrats.

There were eight states that enacted laws preventing abortion coverage by new insurance companies that were to take effect because of Obamacare.

The “Live Action Films” video series played a part in nine states that cut funding to Planned Parenthood. Technology developments prompted five states to ban the use of telemedicine for the provision of abortion medication. We can rejoice over these victories.

Here is some other good news from a political organization, Susan B. Anthony List. This group is working hard to defund the abortion giant – Planned Parenthood. (I prefer to call it “Planned Un-parenthood”).

From a letter published by the Director of Policy and Programs, SBA List, Billy Valentine: “In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch went after America’s largest abortion provider, redirecting $120,000 in taxpayer funds away from Planned Parenthood. The funding, as part of Wisconsin’s Well Woman Program, will now go to the Winnebago County Department of Health. In announcing the move, Gov. Walker commented:

“There are many clinics that are not as controversial as Planned Parenthood, and our goal was to make sure low-income women had access to those sorts of screenings from other providers around the state that don’t carry the good counsel homescontroversy you get with Planned Parenthood.”

The SBA List was proud to work with Wisconsin Right to Life this past summer in supporting Governor Walker’s budget, which stripped Planned Parenthood of $1 million, and our activists are flooding the Governor’s inbox with messages of gratitude for his latest efforts. Marjorie also was proud to host Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch on a panel at Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Conference where she talked about the importance of getting taxpayers out of the abortion business.”

State by state, pro-lifers can keep chipping away at the injustice against children.

It is wonderful that there are so many new young people joining the fight. It is great that we have a strong political organization with some clout that can get good legislation passed. We are thankful for all of the Right to Life workers who tirelessly witness to young women on their college campuses. Thank God for the volunteers who stand across the street from the abortion clinics hoping to save even one young woman from making the biggest mistake of her life.

But there is one piece missing in all of this good news. It is one thing to convince a woman that she should spare the life of her child; it is another to actually give her the support she may need to be able to get through this difficult time in her life.

Some young girls find love and support in their families. Others do not. It is all too common for girls to face antagonism or even rejection from their families. For those who know that life comes from God, abortion is NOT a choice. How sad then, when their parents, who should be happy about becoming grandparents, try to give them another choice, “Have an abortion, or get out of the house.”

For those girls who have to go it alone, there are now more places where they can get help. One such place is Good Counsel Homes. The founder, Christopher Bell, wants to enable women to have their babies in an environment of love, support, and community.

“So many women only hear: you have a choice, and that choice is abortion,” said Bell. “The real choice is: do we have enough love – as a community, as a society, as a nation?” The aim of Good Counsel Homes is to help women choose life.

Bell believes that the biggest need for these courageous women in crisis is a family. “What we do at Good Counsel is provide a table, we provide a house, we provide a family for those who don’t have one,” he said.

Good Counsel also operates a 24/7 national hotline to help moms find a place to stay. Several of the homes are in the New York metropolitan area and there are also two in New Jersey. Bell has also helped independent groups open homes that are similar to Good Counsel Homes in eight other states.

Besides the basic care for expectant and new moms, life skills are taught, including nutrition, parenting, computers, finances and job hunting. After a mom leaves the home, Good Counsel stays in contact with her for as long as a year after giving birth.

I praise and thank the Lord for the gains in the last few years for the pro-life movement. I believe that if courageous women will continue to work wherever they can, no matter how small their efforts, we will turn the tide.

May the Lord bless our efforts in 2012!!


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“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.”          C. S. Lewis

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee.  In God, whose word I praise,
In God I have put my trust; I shall not be afraid. What can mere man do to me?”
Psalm 56:3,4

This is my 100th Blog posting!! I thank the Lord that He has given me the opportunity to tell the wonderful stories of courageous women who have lived and served Him down through the ages.

Courage comes in many forms. Many of our stories are about women who have shown incredible physical bravery. Think of what it must have been like for the following women:

“…Jael, Heber’s wife, took a tent peg and seized a hammer in her hand, and went secretly to him and drove the peg into his temple, and it went through into the ground….So he died.” (Judges 4:21)

Jael was able to be so courageous because she feared God rather than man. There was a line that she would not cross. Her life was in danger, but she chose to do what was right. The Scriptures tell us that she was blessed for what she did. Deborah made a song of that great victory over God’s enemies and proclaimed, “Most blessed of women is Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite.’ (Judges 5:24).

Another uncompromising woman was Rahab. She was putting her own life in danger in order to disobey her king and follow God, but she was willing to follow the voice of her convictions. She preferred to follow God’s will and word rather then follow the dictates of her culture. She was willing to risk her own safety for that of the spies. By faith she renounced all for God. You can read all of her story in the book of Joshua, chapter 2.

Many other historical women demonstrated that they would rather die than go against their convictions. You can read their stories on this Blog – Anne Askew, Esther Ann Kim, Lady Jane Gray, Perpetua and Felicity, the Solway Martyrs, and Sophie Scholl all went to their deaths rather than give in to the evils of the culture around them.

Some women, though not facing death, have had to bravely rise above their circumstances and put others before themselves. This type of unselfishness requires real spiritual courage. Consider these stories of women who followed God:

Hannah (see I Samuel, chapters 1 & 2) was living on a different spiritual plain than most women. She had put God first in her life. She truly desired to serve Him and was obedient to her calling as a wife. She rose above her situation and proved that she could handle whatever God would send her way. She was never disrespectful to her husband nor did she ever seek vengeance on the other wife. We must admire the courage of Hannah. An immature or less pious woman would have likely turned into a nag. Sympathetic people would find it hard to blame Hannah if she turned on Peninnah (the “other woman”) and made her life as miserable as she could. How many women would find fault with her if she had retorted angrily to her husband Elkanah’s less than thoughtful or considerate remarks about her childlessness. But she never did. She only turned to God.

This kind of courage is different than the physical courage required to face down an enemy knowing your life may be required of you. It also takes a lot of courage to live day by day with opposition from any source. When everyone else seems to be successful in their wrongdoing, it takes real courage of conviction and firm faith to trust in God and wait on Him.

Some women have been courageous enough to stand against social custom in order to defend what is right. One of the best examples of this was Argula von Grumbach. She lived in the early sixteenth century. She had the privilege and the blessing of God to be able to read Martin Luther’s writings and convert to Protestantism. She read and studied the Bible and was well able to defend its teachings, even against the University Professors in Ingolstadt. She did not let the fact that she was a woman stop her from writing to the authorities in defense of a wrongly accused young man.

Bavarian authorities had forbidden reception of Lutheran ideas at the time, and the city of Ingolstadt enforced that mandate. In 1523, Arsacius Seehofer, a young teacher and former student at the University of Ingolstadt, was arrested for Protestant views and forced to recant. The incident would have occurred quietly, but Argula, outraged over it, wrote what was to become her most successful writing, a letter to the faculty of the university objecting to Seehofer’s arrest and exile. The letter urged the university to follow Scripture, not Roman traditions. It also said she had decided to speak out even though she was a woman because no one else would.

In our day, many women still feel that they are treated unfairly simply because they are female. Imagine what it must have been like for Argula in the early sixteenth century!! No women writers in our country are treated the way that she was. Theologians wanted her punished, and her husband lost his position at Dietfurt over the controversy. Argula was also called by many offensive epithets by her critics, especially through the sermons of Professor Hauer who called her things like “shameless whore” and a “female desperado.”

But this persecution did not stop this dauntless woman. Argula wrote poems in response to the slander of her character, such as when a poem apparently written by someone from Ingoldstadt which attacked her and accused her of being a neglectful wife and mother.
An other, more honest man, wrote of her that she “knows more of the divine Word than all of the red hats (canon lawyers and cardinals) ever saw or could conceive of” and compared her to other heroic women in the Bible.

There are women in our day who are also courageously taking a stand for righteousness. A praiseworthy woman, who just recently passed away, was Mildred Jefferson. Mildred was a black woman who had to fight for right on many fronts. She was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard medical school. Pro-life people will remember her though as a champion for the unborn. She was an activist, though a gentle one, winning the respect of all who knew her.

These women are just a sampling of the many women who have shown physical, moral, and spiritual courage. I started this Blog with the intention of telling their stories so that woman in our day could take courage in spite of the evil of our times. We do not live in a society that honors God. We live in a God-hating, death-loving, selfish society. In contrast to this, women of courage love the Lord, life, and others before themselves.

My prayer is that these stories are an encouragement to women, and that we will all be able to stand firm in the face of many dangers to ourselves, to serve God in whatever calling He has given us. May we even be able to change our own corners of the world for the better.
To God alone be the glory.
And keep looking for more stories!!!


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