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“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom–go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” (Samuel Adams)

In our last posting we talked about how near we are to losing our most cherished freedoms. Since then I have received a lot of criticism from well-meaning friends who think that I should not rock the boat.

My friends, the boat is sinking. I had nothing to do with it. Many patriots have been warning us that the government is working on enslaving us. I have believed them because I have studied history and this has all happened before. It is not new. Events have accelerated. There is no more time for us to sit around and think about whether or not we will trust the government. They are lying to us. They have put themselves above the law. If you looked at pictures of nude children on your computer, you could be arrested for child pornography. The TSA agents are allowed to ogle pictures of naked children and women all day long. There is absolutely nothing about their disgusting actions that protects us. It is all about humiliation.

As I see it your options are:

1. Put your head back in the sand and hope it all goes away. It won’t. It’s too late.

2. Get busy and study about what is going on. There are many Websites you can go to. I’ll be referring to those and to people that you should be following and supporting. Remember, in the last post, I urged everyone to try and get along with those that you may not see completely eye-to-eye with. Find out what we have in common – we love freedom!
A good example of this is Dr. Michael Savage. Some find him to be really abrasive. But, my friends, he is a true patriot. He has been fighting for us for a long time. Forget your minor prejudices and listen to him and support him. Buy his books.

Another good book, though a little dated, is Judge Andrew P. Napolitano’s, A Nation of Sheep. When he wrote this book in 2007, Bush was still president. It is amazing how much has happened since then. Things are much, much worse. For example, Judge Napolitano laments that, “taking your shoes and anything remotely metal off to have them X-rayed at an airport has become standard operating procedure. The sheep do not question that they are being forced to walk barefoot through metal detectors because of one man’s failed attempt at using his shoe as a bomb. They simple do as they are told and follow the rest of the herd.” (page 14)
Now the sheep not only have bare feet, they have totally bare bodies!!

This is exactly what I mean about the acceleration of the trashing of our fourth amendment rights. The government has absolutely no compelling interest in viewing your naked body. Don’t believe their lies.

As Christian women, of course, we can pray to our Heavenly Father to give us wisdom. We can stand for truth, even if our sheeple friends snicker at us. When Patrick Henry spoke his famous words, not everyone understood just how much was at stake. But he knew that the time to stand for liberty was NOW! There were many people in his day who just wanted to have personal peace and prosperity. They did not want to risk anything in order to have freedom and to secure it for their posterity. They were foolish enough to think that their government (Britain) would leave them alone. How wrong they were. Governments NEVER get less oppressive. They always take away more and more freedoms in order to gain more and more power for themselves. Look how bad our government has gotten in only the last two years. Just what will your children be living under? You owe it to them to try and reverse the tide of slavery that is soon going to engulf us.

We must begin to write to our senators and representatives and tell them that we are disappointed in how cowardly they are. Yes, tell them that they are cowards. They took an oath to uphold the constitution, and we expect them to obey that oath. If they refuse, then let’s get busy and elect people who will uphold the constitution.

Ladies, we are not at the point of having to take up arms. We still have the ballot box, and our pens. Do all that you can to begin to reverse this tide.

Remember again the words of brave Sophie Scholl, a martyr killed by the Nazi’s during WWII.

“As long as we seek safety at the expense of our freedoms, as long as we think or believe that the government can keep us safe, as long as we are too afraid to speak up, those who want to control us will place more and more curbs on our freedom.

Yes, history is repeating itself. It’s because we won’t learn from it. We are stubborn. We fall into the same traps as those who went before us. We think that we are more clever than they were. We think it won’t happen here. YES, IT WILL! It’s inevitable. The reason is: human nature.

More on that in the next posting.

Please keep praying. Be courageous.





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Ladies, we are closer to losing our freedoms than many people realize.

Who would have thought even a few years ago that our government would trash our constitution as it has?

Our Founders lost fortunes, and some even their lives in order to secure these freedoms for us. We have been letting them slip away.

Just look at what has happened.

Your First Amendment rights – freedom of speech and peaceful assembly – have been gone for a long time. “Hate speech” crimes can land you in jail. The press is no longer a “free press”. 

Our Second Amendment rights – to keep and bear arms – are hanging on by a slim thread. It would only take one more crisis and our arrogant president could declare martial law and confiscate all guns. It has happened before in this country.

Article IV – freedom against unreasonable searches and seizures. In our country it used to be that you were innocent until proven guilty. Now the minute you walk into an airport, you are assumed to be guilty. The government has decided it has the right to search you in spite of the clearly spelled out freedom guaranteed to us in our constitution.

How did we let things get this far?

I believe that one reason is that we have been distracted. We have been led into fighting each other instead of fighting our real enemy.

Everyone knows well that one way to get power is to divide and conquer.

Consider the recent tragedy of the shooting of the Arizona Congresswoman by a young man who was obviously mentally disturbed. The “left’ wasted no time in blaming it on the “right”.  The “liberals” hate the Tea Parties so much that they were eager to jump on this shooting as an excuse to call for an end to the freedom of assembly for the Tea Partiers. Those on the “right” were quick to retaliate with the facts, but the damage has been done. There is more suspicion and hatred on the part of the two sides.

The people do not see that the powers that be are gleeful whenever something like this happens. If they can keep us fighting each other, they can keep us distracted while they pass more laws that are taking away our freedoms. Of course, the usual people called for more gun control. But all of the laws in the world do not keep guns out of the hands of kooks or crooks. And gun control laws are just the opposite of what we should have.

Look again at all of Article II – “ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

And so, what is happening here? While the left and the right are shouting at each other, the would-be tyrants who want to enslave all of us are gleefully rubbing their hands together. Maybe they can slip some more legislation by that gives the government the power to listen in on our phones. Or maybe they can change the laws giving them the right to confiscate property supposedly for the “public good” and just take it whenever they want to for any reason. Maybe they can declare a whole new group of arms illegal. Or how about confiscate all of the ammunition, so they can control guns and still pretend to be leaving our Second Amendment alone?

The fact of the matter is, we all have these rights. If you do not personally want to own a defensive weapon, then that is your choice. But please, work together with everyone to protect our inalienable rights.

Realize that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats who are in the positions of power. They have contrived a big show for you to watch. They look like they are fighting across the hall on CNN, but after the cameras are turned off, they go to the bar together and plan the further demise of our freedoms. Consider the following; Breaking Down the False Left Right Paradigm | Waiting for the Storm

You might want to look at this video from the McCain/Obama campaign just how “deadly” of enemies these guys really were. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ql1RLDVWzY

Ask yourself this – Just how much change did we get with Obama? We are still fighting wars in the Middle East. We still have a private corporation, known as the Federal Reserve, controlling our economy. Corporate executives are still shelling out millions of dollars to get their candidate elected. That candidate then turns around and “bails them out”. The money that they get disappears into huge bonuses.  The taxpayer pays for everything and gets a high unemployment rate in return for his trouble. These policies began in the Bush administration. The politicians dress up their policies a little differently, but they are the same policies.

Please, recognize this as the theatre that it is. While we are fighting with those who could help us fight against our real enemies – the super rich powers that be – we could be working together to stop them. We still have the power to vote. Vote for those who are really on our side. Consider each candidate individually. Vote for a good man or woman. No, your vote is never wasted if you vote for a third party candidate or independent. It is ok to stay home and not vote, if you don’t want to support someone who only wants to get rich at your expense. Let us stop playing into the hands of those who would enslave us.

It will take much courage to stand against the tide. Consider the lives of the women that are posted on this Blog. They were willing to take a stand. We are so close to losing everything, that I believe we must take our stand now.


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“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—
And sealing wax— of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings.” *

Ladies, the time has come.

For the past nine months I have been posting stories about courageous women on this Blog. I have had a larger purpose for this. I have been seeing some scary things happening in our country. We are losing our freedoms left and right. I could see signs of the enslavement of the people all around us. In the last few years, it has accelerated. I believe that 9-11 was a major turning point in our country. Not that the enslavement had not already begun, but the efforts to turn our country into a socialist nation have become more open.

Prior to 9-11,there had been “tests” already and the American people did not rise up and demand the truth from our government. By this, I mean that we had opportunities to call our leaders to account. We did not.

Some of these tests were – Ruby Ridge, Waco, the first bombing at the Twin Towers, and the Oklahoma City tragedy. Americans read about these events in the newspaper, or saw stories about them on the television. They said, “Oh, too bad,” and went back to their other pursuits. Every time we failed to recognize what was happening and act on it, we lost more freedoms and the powers that be became more emboldened.

Now the government has begun putting visual rape machines into every airport, and there is talk of putting them in every place where there is public transportation. Some people are finally outraged enough to speak out. But most, I am sorry to say, just continue on with their lives, looking the other way.

Why is this? Are we so ignorant of the ways that tyrants come to power, or are we cowards?

What will it take before we rise up and say, “Enough!!!”

There have been voices out there, calling us to take a good hard look at these events. Each time one of these events occurs, we lose some freedoms. There will be tougher gun laws, or more “security” measures taken at public buildings. These are all in the name of “protecting” us. But how has the government protected us from these things? How can they protect us from new “terror threats”? We should be asking this question seriously, not just taking any new government regulations for granted.

Over the coming weeks, this Blog will be dedicated to informing readers about what is really happening in our country. Besides information, there will be suggestions about what you can do about reversing the enslavement process.

The time has come. We will speak of many things. Some of these things will be new, but it is more likely that the meaning of these things is what will be new to you. Please have an open mind. The courageous women that we have written about all had one thing in common – they loved truth!! Sometimes, the truth was hard to swallow, but they all pursued the truth. They rose up to the occasion to defend the truth, and many paid a terrible price for their bravery. Some gave their lives.

At this time in our country, you may not have to sacrifice your life for the truth. You may not even have to give up your lifestyle, but you may have to move out of your comfort zone.

One way that this will happen is if you are no longer willing to use “politically correct” speech. For example, start referring to the baby in your womb as a child, not a fetus. Can you do this in the groups that you regularly meet with – your work, club activities, and especially among all of the members of your family? It has become difficult in our day to speak the truth boldly. We’d rather just fade into the wall and not cause waves. But now is the time to speak truth.

It is time to start making some waves before we lose all of our freedoms. Today it is just called “political incorrectness”. We still have most of our First Amendment rights in tact. (Of course the government lives by its own strange, unconstitutional rules. Just tell a TSA agent that you think they are wrong for scanning you and see what happens.) We have lost First and Fourth Amendment rights with the visual rape machines at the airport. How much further can this go? How much more will be acceptable to people before they finally take a stand?

Do you think George Washington would have stood silently by while Martha was being groped by a stranger? Do you think Martha would have stood there silently?

I am begging you to move out of your comfort zone before the whole Constitution is trashed and you have to suffer as Sophie Scholl or Anne Askew or any other of the brave martyrs that I have written about on this Blog. See yourself as the strong woman that you are and fight for your inalienable rights.

It will take courage on our part. We all can begin by at least informing ourselves of the times, the history of the times, and the meaning of the times. I intend to help with that from now on.
–  I will continue to post the stories of courageous women so that we may be comforted and encouraged.
–  I will comment on what I see happening in the news. I will ask you to think about it from the perspective of getting at the real truth, no matter what the implications.
–  I will put links where you can go and research the stories. Many people have done a lot of work already uncovering the meaning of historical events. I do not want to reinvent the wheel. I also want to support their efforts. I also want you to see that if we can all pull together, maybe we can reverse the tide of socialism that is overwhelming us now.

We are living in dangerous times. We are like the proverbial frog in the pot. It is getting hotter and hotter and we don’t feel it. It will be too late when we do.

Please don’t just sit by and let it happen.

* “The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll, in his book Through the Looking-Glass, published in December 1871.

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Marcella of Rome

Marcella is best remembered as a disciple of the famous bishop, Jerome.  She was born around 325 AD and lived to the ripe old age of 85. The anniversary of her death on January 31, 410 AD, is still observed in the Catholic Church. She was a gifted biblical scholar. Having been born into a wealthy family, her social position allowed her to deepen her spiritual life due to the education she was able to receive. She was instructed in Greek and Hebrew and loved to study the Scriptures. She was devoted to Christ all of her life, and when she was widowed, she established a religious community.

As a small girl Marcella heard Saint Athanasius speak. His stories of the Desert Fathers of Egypt enthralled her, planting deep in her heart the seeds of a future marked by asceticism and devotion to the Word of God. Athanasius gave her a copy of his Life of Antony, the hermit-monk who did so much to make monasticism a major force in Christianity during those centuries. Antony’s ascetic practices greatly impressed Marcella. Later, thanks to early widowhood and a great inheritance, she would establish a monastery for women on her own.

Marcella married at around age 17, but was widowed after only seven months. Her husband’s death left her independently wealthy. She resisted the social pressure to remarry. When an elderly Roman consul, Cerealis, proposed to leave her all his money if she would marry him, Marcella replied, “If I wished to marry, I should look for a husband, not an inheritance.” Her mother was disappointed, but Marcella had a mind of her own.

This young widow turned her home into an academy for the study of Sacred Scripture and a school of prayer. A devout contemporary of hers, Paula, and other Roman ladies, eager for the pursuit of holiness, joined her. These women gave much of their money to the poor. Marcella distributed her considerable wealth, “preferring to store her money in the stomachs of the needy rather than hide it in a purse.”

Marcella changed her dress from that of a woman of position to the plainest and coarsest of garments. She dressed modestly, with an aim to hide her dazzling beauty. This was in contrast, says Jerome, with the usual “widow’s weeds”, which aimed to attract men and to gain another husband.

Marcella spent her days in study, in visits to the churches of the martyrs, in prayer, and in good works. She gathered around her a circle of like-minded women, and Jerome says that she educated Eustochium, the youngest of Paula’s children, another female scholar. Marcella’s example, asserts Jerome, was responsible for the growth of monasteries in Rome, where the number of such houses began to rival the number in Jerusalem.

Marcella had a very brilliant mind. Most of what we know about this rare woman comes from letters of Jerome. Marcella met and studied with this great scholar (who made the Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible). The two corresponded for the rest of their lives, exchanging thoughts on many issues, such as the Montanist heresy or the sin against the Holy Ghost. Marcella probed Jerome with pertinent questions. More than once she challenged him with difficult and subtle questions concerning the Scriptures. It was for Marcella that Saint Jerome wrote his explanation of the Hebrew words Amen and Alleluia.

In a letter to the Roman lady Principia, who was Marcella’s pupil, Jerome compares Marcella to the prophetess Anna in Saint Luke’s Gospel. “Let us then compare her case with that of Marcella,” he says, “and we shall see that the latter has every way the advantage. Anna lived with her husband seven years; Marcella seven months. Anna only hoped for Christ; Marcella held Him fast. Anna confessed Him at His birth; Marcella believed in Him crucified. Anna did not deny the Child; Marcella rejoiced in the Man as king.”  This is Jerome’s spiritual portrait of Marcella: she clung to Christ, believed in Him crucified, and rejoiced in Him as King.

While Jerome praises Marcella for her virtue and intelligence, he also tells her spiritual daughter, Principia, that Marcella did not accept blindly his scriptural exegeses but argued with them. She asked questions to learn more. She took in quickly what he had gained through long study. Because he valued her comments, he continued to submit his work to her judgment before he made them public. He adds that she frequently rebuked him for his hasty temper.

Several of Jerome’s letters to Marcella survive and are well worth reading. Among the sayings of Marcella, one comes from the period in her life when a humiliated Rome was in the throes of a famine and Marcella herself was languishing after having been turned out of her own home. She was eighty-five at the time, and she said: “By heaven’s grace, captivity has found me a poor woman, not made me one. Now, I shall go in want of daily bread, but I shall not feel hunger since I am full of Christ.”

When Alaric of the Goths seized and sacked Rome in 410, soldiers from his army invaded Marcella’s mansion on the Avertine Hill in the hopes of gaining her treasure. His troops gathered as much booty as they could, but it was much less than they were expecting. Marcella was tortured to reveal where her supposed wealth was hidden. She showed them her coarse dress, insisting truthfully that she had given everything away. Forgetting about her own sufferings, she pleaded that the soldiers not rape Principia, her pupil. The soldiers finally took her to a church, where she died praising God.

Today, when we study church history, much mention is made of Jerome. Scholars have apparently decided to overlook the life of Marcella, a woman who was praised in many letters by Jerome. She was a noble woman whose wealth allowed her education and alms-giving. She was a leader in Christian Rome, much in accordance with her social rank. Her love of Christ, however, led her to voluntary poverty and courageous martyrdom. We would do well to learn from her example as a determined, single-minded woman, who only wanted to spend her whole life studying about Christ and imitating His example to serve the poor.



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